Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Undercover Cop Spied On RMT. Taxi Trade Not Surprised!

Nothing new to Taxi drivers, they've been spied on at virtually ever demo they've held. 

The first time I personally noticed we were being watched as individuals, was in Trafalgar Square November 2011. 

The young lady above, was seen taking photos of Taxi licence plates, then walking round and taking another photo of the drivers face. At first we just thought she was a member of the paparazzi, but after observing her for a while, we noticed these were the only photos she was taking, "Plates and Faces".

When we approached her to asked what she was doing, she walked towards two burley minders wearing hi-vis jackets with TfL logos and hurried towards the underground. But she surfaced again in Whitehall, a bit later.

ID spotters have now become a common sight a Taxi demos. The photos below are from the second Windsor House demo, where a number of what looked to be bus inspectors, walked amongst Taxis jotting down ID badge numbers and cab plate numbers.

Round the back of Windsor house seemed to be their rendezvous point, where these TfL operatives gathered to exchange notes. 

Probably to discount duplicated entries on their clip boards. 

We also saw groups of these clearly marked, TfL  employees, turning up day after day to Pancras Road, taking notes of drivers attending the St Pancras Station demos against Uber Cars illegally plying for hire. 

We never see these operatives at other times inquiring the nature of the Uber cars, sometimes two abreast, waiting in the drop off areas to become hired.

The strange thing is, when these officers are needed most, in Central London's West End, it's as if they don their cloaks of invisibility and disappear into the ether.

RMT Spied On, By Deep Undercover Cop.

The "Blacklist Support Group" recently revealed hey had photographic evidence of undercover police spying on RMT union officials.

Photographic evidence shows that in October 2004 the spy cop was present at the industrial dispute following the sacking of the prominent union militant Steve Hedley (now elected as Senior Assistant General Secretary of the RMT union) at the Kings Cross terminal for the Channel Tunnel Rail Link .  

The presence of this particular spy from the Met's disgraced Special Demonstration Squad was actually captured himself on camera, by the freelance photographer Andrew Wiard.

 The photographs allegedly show the police spy standing behind an RMT banner with the slogan ‘Reinstate Steve Hedley’ while handing out leaflets to construction workers who had walked out in support of the victimised union activist.   

Steve Hedley commented:

"I am appalled that a secret police spy thought that it was justified to turn up on a peaceful RMT picket line in order to gather information. I had earlier housed this person rent free as he claimed he was being made homeless and feel shocked that taxpayers money could be used like this to betray the trust of people engaged in completely legitimate industrial action. We heard a lot growing up about police states in other countries whilst it turns out our state was doing exactly the same thing here".

The photographs were discovered by Dave Smith while researching for the updated version of the book Blacklisted and first made public at the GMB conference in Bournemouth on Sunday (5th June).


Dizzy Disgruntled said...

Nothing surprises me from that scumbag Leon Daniels and his bunch of dirty TfL shysters.

He pulled out 5 drivers at Parliament Sq and called them up to Palestra with the intention to make them sit there all day like naughty children and then tell them to sod off.

None of them went. Instead I launched an email campaign which banged up their inboxes and forced them to get extra staff im to deal with it. One person I know sent 1500 himself.

Don't mess with us Leroy you piece of vermin!

You will soon be exposed and criminal charges will undoubtedly follow.

Blanco said...

Well known that at the incept of the RMT Lonson taxi branch, individuals joint at the behest of other trade orgs no doubt feeding back the discussions, the same apparently at UCG meets.

Only wish the same effort was put into taking on TfL and its mismanagement of the cab trade!

Anonymous said...

as stated in the article:

We never see these operatives at other times inquiring the nature of the Uber cars, sometimes two abreast, waiting in the drop off areas to become hired.

so, WHY?

are the authorities EXECUTING the DESTRUCTION of the Licenced Cab Trade?

is their exact REMIT?

has given them, the REMIT?

a problem is easier solved, if the ROOT CAUSE is first, found & known