Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Uber Pitch....Get Investors to back your brilliant idea.

It seems Uber have so much money, $3.5 billion in fact, they want to share some of it with their customers who may have brilliant business ideas.

 :.How about this one.: 

UBER BUSES, to run in direct competition with TfL's bus fleet. 

Half price but with no fix rout so you never know quite where will end up, or even if you'll arrive.

Stopping at any bus stop they like, asking passengers where they would like to go. 

Buses could be navigated by wonderful new technology of the Sat Nav.

Plenty of staff on hand at TfL to help organise and perhaps they could even use Oyster cards!

Or, how about Uber bus shuttle cars. 

As many as you can fit in a Prius at rush hour bus stops. 


Don't forget, Uber will be data harvesting your account details and movements, sharing with Her Majesty's government, as well as interested third parties. Much the same as they do in the USA. Selling your contact details on to anyone who'll pay. So if you're lonely, expect an avalanche of targeted text and emails. 


Uber has launched a business pitching opportunity dubbed UberPITCH across three UK cities, which will provide entrepreneurs the opportunity to win over investors with their idea during a car ride, while the most popular will get to meet the on-demand car service’s founder Travis Kalanick in Germany.

The American business has teamed up with British investment partners including Atomico, EQT, Seedcamp, Elevate.VC, Hoxton Ventures, Flight Ventures, Backed, and more.

Meanwhile, the campaign will run across London, Edinburgh and Birmingham, with the in-car pitching to take place on Friday 3 June between 11am-3pm. Successful applicants will have ten minutes to pitch to an investor who will be waiting in the car, while they will then receive ten minutes of feedback.

“Every day Uber helps connect thousands of people to get around the UK. We want to celebrate these cities in which we live together with our growing community of riders and drivers. By making use of our technology we can bring people closer together and connect great ideas with the right audience,” the company said.


Super Bob said...

Ha! They will need more than a few hours of business ideas to replace all the legitimate Taxi and Minicab firms they have destroyed. Also, they are not a part of this community at all, since they are based abroad, and syphon off all their profits. If they pay no tax, then they contribute nothing to this community we live in. "Parasite" is a more deserving description.

Anonymous said...

If Ubend's business model is so great why do they bother getting outside investment?It look's like all the Mug Punter's are being prepared to be fleeced.When the Ubend slaves have got to get Proper Insurance they might realise how little they earn for so many hours of work and then their Crap service will get worse or the rates will need to go up to appease the slaves and then they won't be cheap anymore but they will still be CRAP.

Anonymous said...

This uber model is out of control and needs to be stopped!!! Shame on London radio station advertising this model that's destroying the iconic image of London ..THE BLACK CAB...advertising any Tom dick or Harry to drive for them...fantastic,do your 9 hour shift at the office then work 8 hours for uber!! Brilliant idea TFL allowing a operators liscence to a company allowing its drivers to transport the public around with possible 17 hours working without a break!!!! Bloody disgusting if not illegal ...TFL get your act together before it too late.

Anonymous said...

how about: suck off & go

Anonymous said...

I may go for the UberPitch so I can meet Yravis... they wont frisk me before i meet him though will they?

Hope not.... mwahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Pretty soon no uber slaves driverless cars will suck the life blood from the blacks cabs and phvs,TfL will get a percentage on all rides so the the club spending all those years attacking yellow badges with the help of mason just walked into their hands allegedly.