Monday, June 06, 2016

Uber Announce $3.5 Billion Investment From Saudi Public Investment Sean Paul Day.

The Secretary of State and the Department of Transport ignore human rights violations in favour the market.

Whilst the political drive in the USA is forcing Uber to recognise labour rights, and resistance in Europe shows no sign of abating, Transport for London, at the behest of the U.K. Government are ploughing ahead to amend regulations to accommodate Uber in its entirety. 

Uber's history of violations and the protests knows no boundaries. For Uber, no money is bad money! 

Uber recently announced that it nabbed a $3.5 billion investment from the Saudi Public Investment Fund, the investing arm of the Saudi Arabian government. The Saudi fund will have a share of Uber's ownership — cashing out on Uber if it gets bought or goes public — and crucially,  the fund's manager will join Uber's board

Global domination: This is the most recent development in a long, soiled history of human rights issues Uber has faced, especially regarding women. 

Women have been regularly sexually assaulted by drivers who critics claim haven't been sufficiently background-checked. Uber's lost-and-found feature has been used to harass female drivers and Uber executives have threatened to stalk an expose female journalists' private information. 

UN Women cancelled a partnership with Uber that aimed to create jobs for women at the company after objections were raised about Uber’s safety record with women and treatment of its drivers. The UN claimed that Uber represented  “exactly the type of structural inequality within the labour market  that the women’s movement has been fighting for decades.”

This is to say nothing of the worldwide protests against Uber's exploitation of drivers and disregard for national democracies. 

It seems, everyone has their price, the U.K's being an immorally low one!

Sean Paul Day. 


lee ward said...

So they have the money... so they have the officials.... so they have the government... so what !!!!

Sean Paul Day... you have the information needed to put this to an end, you need to stop thinking of this as just a London fight, its far from it...

Use that information, close them down... NOW !!!

Sean Day said...

Your faith in my ability is beyond comprehension. I have never thought of it as a problem exclusive to London. In fact, I don't even see it as a specific trade issue, even though the taxi industry is at the coal face.

We are living in an exponential age of change. The pre-cursers of which we are utilising already. However, echnology, not unlike ideological changes of the past cannot sort out the unsavouries amongst us, for that we need an element of the 'anthropological'.

Autonomous cars will suppress the autonomy and competence of the human. Those without the controlling capacity will return to mysticism to regain a sense of agency.

As for taxi drivers, there will always be a place for taxi drivers. The relational aspect of our species is key to our survival, we just have to make sure it's us, and not them. Beware the chip in the brain, we already can't let it go from our hand.

Give me the knockout blow and I'll deliver it!

Anonymous said...

It's clear that trying to fight against uber in any official way is pointless because of the amount of people in high places who benefit from its existence.
The only thjng we can do is fight them on the ground and by that I mean take the war to their drivers. A few paint bombs on their windscreens, nails in their tyres, a banana or two up their exhausts. Lets not be squeamish about this, these people are stealing our living, they are making us lose our homes, they are happy for us to go hungry. Make no mistake, the guys who drive for that corrupt company know exactly what they're doing, they know that they are the advance invasion force clearing away the competition using a scorched earth strategy that starves them into submission. When we are out of the way the price of a ride anywhere will be at least three times what rate 3 is now and the punters will have no choice but to pay up or else, who knows what could happen to them if they don't.
So like it or not, it's time to get some guts and fight them on the ground, because if we don't we will go under and a lot sooner than we'd like to think.