Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The London Taxi driver, Is Your Knight In Shining Armour.

A Taxi driver friend of mine, recently picked up a young opera singer (Melinda Hughes), who told him about a nightmare date she had recently been on. 

Feeling unsure and unsafe about her companion, she started to worry about getting home.
She tried texting a few friends to come and save her, but no one seemed free that evening. 

It was then she remembered the Hailo app on her smartphone. 

The driver text back within minutes, saying he was outside. 

Telling her date she was going to powder her nose, she slipped unnoticed out of the restaurant, into the waiting Hailo cab, which took home safely home. 

Melinda told my friend she had relayed the story to a professional colleague (Jeremy Lamb) who then wrote a song about her disastrous date. She went on to say, together they had published a promotional version on YouTube. 

After giving my friend an impromptu performance in the back of his cab, Malinda explained all monies raised from the click rights, would be donated to the London Taxi Benevolent Association.

So please watch the video and pass the link on to friends and family. 

Copy and paste link:

Let's support the people who support us.


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Anonymous said...

Great pick me up
Positive PR for a change, well done Thomas.