Monday, June 27, 2016

Press Release....Operation No One, Update!

Saturday night, Novikov's rank was rendered unusable as cars had been allowed to park up. 

So, where were the elusive operation neon offices?

They were in Piccadilly hanging around, making sure that no one makes off with the bus stop.

Meanwhile in Bruton Street outside Hakkasan's restaurant, Taxi's having to illegally rank on the bus stop as cars park on the rank. 

Polite warning stickers from the Mayfair Mob, placed on side windows but not a warden or marshal in sight.

This is becoming a regular occurrence, we need Westminster to mark the rank out properly. 

While we are on the subject of TfL's so called anti touting squad (Operation Neon): 

Sohail Masood, was found guilty of soliciting people for private vehicle hire by the act of donning a yellow HiVis jacket and waiting for train passengers to approach him. 

Why is this man from Diamond chauffeurs allowed to solicit for custom on the pavement outside Tiger Tiger.

Why has he not been arrested yet ? 

Could someone from TfL kindly contact Taxi Leaks and explain what part of the PHV act 1998 allows this type of touting. 

It seems that TfL are the only licensing authority in the country that allows this type of touting 


Anonymous said...

If they cannot do the Job they are paid for get people that can otherwise what is the point of Lens Neots gang.

Garima said...