Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Letters To Taxi Leaks From Paul Sweeney And PaddyWC1. Plus Doorman Abusing Taxi Driver.

From Paul Sweeney:
This was all over social media yesterday. 
A London cabbie innocently tooted the uber minicab at a junction. 

The minicab driver then proceeded to shower the cabby with abuse. He then used his car as a tool, to try and force the cabbie off the road. 

After dangerously overtaking the Taxi, he pulled up sharp and got out, with the intent to attack the taxi and driver. 

This type of scenario happens daily, all over London. 
So what are our orgs/unions doing to ensure we get the protection we deserve?

We as a trade have to watch our Orgs/Unions arguing amongst themselves point scoring, whilst our drivers are being attacked or threatened. 

For God sake, I'm fed up having to witness trade faces point scoring or anything to do with egos. 

How about you all start acting like Adults!

I know for a fact drivers are totally fed up watching you all tear strips of each other. How about you organise together and start dealing with these uber scum bags. 

TFL and Met Police are not protecting our people. Will someone do something. The poor cabbie who had to face this attack, was just doing his job.

Editorial Comment:
Things are changing fast. The iconic image of the London Taxi driver is losing its gloss. Attitudes towards us have changed dramatically in the last few years. People no longer want a safe, well executed journey home. They are willing to compromise safety, just to save a few quid! 

Minicab drivers are becoming increasingly aggressive when we try moving them off our ranks. Doorman refuse to help keep ranks clear and in certain places, use our ranks as waiting areas for the cars that bung them for work. 

Call the police!!! forget it they don't want to know.
And as for compliance officers, they are only interested in harassing Taxi drivers for over ranking at stations while minicabs park wherever they like, openly touting.

This scene below would never have occurred 10 years ago. Doorman aggressively, protecting illegally parked/ranking minicabs.


From PaddyWC1:
People buy clothes made by children in primark etc so using the likes of Uber only mirrors that. Most people today I'm afraid have no social conscience or big picture mentality. They don't understand the dangers they are complicit in fuelling, until of course it boots down their door.

Just look at the Uber drivers as example, they sign up to be slaves, then start crying about how they are treated. They allow the government to use them as a tool to pull apart a 360 year old institution because of their laziness and dishonour. 

They like to be labelled victims when it suits them, thinking they have some legitimacy in their gripe. They dont just want jam on both sides but they want jam with everything.

The problem is they have created a rod for their own back, based on GREED from every angle.

We had to complete the knowledge to have the privilege to work the streets of London, its a contract and they have turned us over in a pernicious and devious way and we cant be having that.


lee ward said...

Sorry guys, I will say this again, and I will keep saying this....

The fight is not just in London, its all across the country, the sooner you guys take this fight national and not just localised, the sooner you get the respect thats deserved.

Wake up, and wake up now...while you are all putting your local efforts into this argument, people will just see you as the London Cabbies that have spit the dummie out... trust me, we are all in this together, you guys just dont see or give a feck about the rest of the country. Once you guys cotton on to that, your support goes through the roof, try it, you will be surprised.

Anonymous said...

Exactly that, "It was a contract". Which they've broken. As such, we have no obligation to continue to adhere to that contract any longer. especially, as TFL & their enablers continue to destroy the taxi trade.

How foolish are they? they could have had the best of both of both worlds, but, thought it to be, Modern, to throw the traditional out the window. Of course, the death of the taxi trade is just a tiny component in the globalistic agenda, as is importing 3rd world masses into our nation to do so.

london_boy said...

Did this Driver call the police ?? If not why not Threats to kill is a life sentence the Po;ice have to act did he pass on the details to them ! has he got a crime number /ref/number from the police .Unless and until us cab drivers stand our ground and get the police to act .You can bet if this driver got stabed got forbid the police answer will be he never called us !!! and if he had we would have responded . Never mind about getting back to the feeder park CALL THE POLICE This is your LIFE and you get one LIFE .

Anonymous said...

why are we pussy-footing around?

meeting with, this one & that one, KIDDING ourselves, that things are happening


they don't like our DEMOS

so, LET'S DEMO, DEMO & DEMO until something is done

what the hell have we got to lose?

Lee Addison said...

Jim, do you really think your articles help?
You have spent years antagonising private hire drivers who are only doing a job.
We all do the same thing and that's get people from a to b.
Uber however are different, they are Predatory and are eating away at both Taxi and private hire trades.
You should try and get your people to engage with our people and together we can take on Uber.

Anonymous said...

Lee Addison with respect your not in the same league has us. We do the same thing but we have to do the knowledge at great expense. Therefore by the time phv are still playing with there sat nav we are already at point B. We have to do a extended driving test. Therefore not changing lanes at the last min without indicating etc. If you want to stop uber what have you guys done (demo no) just put your prices down too. You expect the taxi trade to stop them and than benefit from that. You have millions in your bank account so did you put any money towards £650,000 needed to take TFL to court. ?put your money were your mouth is. Than have a opinion. You can go to court because you want to use the bus lanes but you expect the taxi trade to stop uber for you.

Anonymous said...

Cab drivers at Heathrow convince more members of the public to use Uber than the rest of us put together. Cash only, refuse credit card jobs if the destination doesn't suit, dress worse than down and outs. Every day there are tweets on twitter by punters that have had a bad experience at taxi ranks at Heathrow. The enemy within!