Thursday, June 09, 2016

Latest From The Lords Regarding Rickshaw Pedicabs.

Lord Storey
Liberal Democrat Lords Principal Spokesperson for Education:

Her Majesty’s Government what are the health and safety requirements for operators?

Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon
Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State (Department for Transport) (Jointly with the Home Office):

In England and Wales, excluding London, rickshaws (in the form of pedal-powered vehicles for carrying passengers, often also referred to as pedicabs) are regulated as taxis. 

They are therefore required to meet a local licensing authority’s taxi licensing conditions and any applicable byelaws. Under the different legislation that applies to London, they fall outside the scope of taxi regulation. The police have some limited powers to address inappropriate behaviour such as obstructing footways or driving in a reckless manner. The Government has recently announced its intention to introduce legislation to enable Transport for London to regulate pedicabs in London.


Tyron Jacques said...

Oh God no! Once tfl get their regulation mits on them they'll be more of a danger

Anonymous said...

So what legislation would they come under in London.

They can’t be Hackney Carriage as they don’t comply with the vehicles Conditions of Fitness.

They can’t be Stage and Carriage as they don’t comply with individual fixed fares and routes.

They can’t be Private Hire Vehicles as they don’t comply with the Private Hire Vehicles (London) Act 1998 and have a licenced operating booking center.

Tony Casey said...

let pedicabs only operate on short routes in royal parks subject to a risk assessment,should not be on public roads,the minimum knowledge should be the the all
London Taxi knowledge and the maximum fare per ride £5.00 and not per passenger. l

Damian said...

Don't regulate, BAN!