Monday, June 06, 2016

It's Not Just Women Getting Sexually Assaulted And Raped By Uber from Marc Turner.

In the early hours Sunday 5th June 2016. A young man hailed me in  bustling Shaftesbury Avenue. He was slightly inebriated but not drunk. On our journey to Kings Road. He decided to unburden and talk 'Uber'. 

He spoke of comparisons between Taxis and Uber. Admitted  to benifiting from the latter's sometime lower prices, while suffering their language and directional frailties.

Of late he'd noticed, when worse for wear (hammered), they were prone to take advantage of him. Regards his asercion of Uber drivers demanding cash at the termination of pre determined card transactions, therefore being renumerated twice...."Why wasn't I surprised???".

The astounding revelation that knocked me sideways was that an Uber driver had offered to 'Suck him Off'...Under normal circumstances I wouldn't be so crass as to record a private conversation with a passenger. 

During my 26 year career,  what's been said in the cab has always stayed in the cab. I asked permission to record on the premise that his declaration was so shocking it had to be put in the public domain for the safety of others.

My response was, we (Taxi trade) are well aware of Ubers threat to women, with them being sexually harassed on a regular basis. The latest count being 32 allegations over the year for rape and sexual assault in London. In my naivety I had know idea this deplorable behaviour extended to men.

I've twice in the past carried traumatised men who admitted to  being taken advantage of by other men. Both refused to be taken to hospital or Police, for fear of shame and embarrassment. Perhaps Uber drivers have twigged, there's less chance of facing the consequences if they target vulnerable drunk men for their depraved Kicks!!!

Below is the shocking sound recording made with full permission of the customer.



Anonymous said...

Doesn't surprise me.
Ive had a man confessing to me how he was robbed and sexually assaulted by a rickshaw drive also.
When will the public wake up?

Anonymous said...

The public don't care as long as it's cheap and hasn't happened to them yet

Anonymous said...

Punters should remember this before opening the back door