Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Important Announce From The UCG June 8th Demo Cancelled.

Following a Committee of Management vote, we are suspending the planned action of June 8th.

We trust the integrity of Val Shawcross and thank her for trusting us.

She has shown commitment to our trade, with a new transparency towards trade meetings.

The whole trade should support Val and her team.

Angela Clarkson 


Anonymous said...

All well and good but the horse has already bolted!! 90,000 plus(and still growing) private hire ..TFL allowing uber to operate at 30-40 percent cheaper fares!! You can have as many meetings as you like but it ain't going to prevent the poison spreading ,the bloody damage is already done!!

Anonymous said...

I hope your faith is well founded

unfortunately, this ALL reminds me of, when in a film, the villain's gunned-down & looking finished - the hero, then turns his back on him and the villain, in his dying seconds, grabs the weapon, that's still lying by him and kills the hero

there needs to be an immediate examination, of every single PHV Licence that's been issued, to double-check, that the applicant, has met tfl's requirements for having obtained such a licence

Anonymous said...

UTG have been siliced.

The LCDC have gone into advertising mode, their new found mouthpiece has been silenced like a bitch slapped.

Unites doormat is emulating his role model Forrest Gump and is having it on his toes.

Steve from the LTDA has left silent Bob holding down the bottom line at Taxi House.

And last but least, Helen Chapman ha bought the hard back copy of How To Make Friends and Influence People.

Love it 😁😀😂

Anonymous said...

Too many negative comments.I trust UCG have called off the demo for a good reason.Keep the faith.