Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Uber accuse Taxis Of Overcharging Wheelchair Customers And Announce Their LandLine Exemption From TfL.

Uber, lying to the public.
In their announcement earlier this month uber, using a generalisation, state quite falsely, that two thirds of Wheelchair users have been unfairly over charged by Taxis and private hire. 

As we know, in respect of London's licensed Taxis, wheelchair users pay the same fare as everyone else. But then let's not forget the Ubergate tapes that have shown this company is being coached by TfL Managing Director Leon (turn on off insurance, Yes they have a land line) Daniels.

The passage below has been taken from Uber's website.

'Existing accessible private hire vehicles often require booking hours – and sometimes days – in advance and Scope’s 2015 Extra Cost Commission reported research from the Department of Transport showing that almost two thirds of wheelchair users have been unfairly overcharged in a taxi or private hire vehicle.'

Notice again, the inference that Uber do not do pre bookings. (The subject of the first Ubergate email scandal)


A document has recently appeared on Twitter, showing that TfL have given Uber an exemption from the requirement of having a landline. 

Uber say they have been granted an exemption as having a landline for bookings would prejudice the interest of a third party.????

It appears that this company can do what ever they like and that the PHV act of 1998 doesn't apply to them as in TfL's eyes, they are in a category all on their own. 


lee ward said...

I have information that will blow Uber out of the water and the country. If any of the big boys from the London Cabs want to help with this then contact me.

If i dont hear from anyone then dont worry I will post on here as soon as I start the ball rolling with the MPs, media and social media. Stay tuned, or get in touch and aupport.

Anonymous said...

So why can't they get a new number?

Over to you Val?

Anonymous said...

Strapped into a motor, in a wheelchair, with an Uber driver at the wheel.

What could possibly go wrong?

Who would I phone when it goes wrong?

Leon Denials?

colin said...

So Taxi's over charging,that's rich,at least uptill now i have not had to hold my hand out for state aid in the way of in work tax credits & housing allowance,that loop hole needs to be stopped??