Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Time For I'm Spartacus

We all know how much Leon Daniels earns, what his benefits are and hopefully a full record of his dinners and lunches provided by those who he meets with.

Is it now time for our trade leaders to follow suit? After  all they should have nothing to hide from their memberships nor should they want to.

We know how much Mick Cash (RMT) is paid and what his benefits are, the same applies to  Len McCluskey of UNITE.

So in the words of Delia Smith 'let's be 'avin you' Bob, Steve, Grant, Len & co.

1. How much are you paid by your organisation as a salary or stand down pay?

2. Declare any other benefits such as cars, health schemes, low or zero rental cabs, garage servicing etc?

3. Do you receive any other income from cab related activities such as marshalling, TfL boards and committees, radio circuits etc?

Let's be clear no one is accusing or inferring anything but in these difficult times we need to be sure those who speak for many of us are really doing just that rather than ensuring some kind of 'status quo' is maintained.

So nothing to lose and a lot in reputation to enhance, I am sure the editor of this blog and others, the trade press or LTR will,be happy to broadcast anything you release.

We all know how much to the meter a cab driver takes, it laid down in law.

All is for the best in the best of all possible worlds.

I'm Spartacus


Anonymous said...

wonder if any one's in the Panama Papers - they've all HAD (I nearly wrote, EARNED), enough out of us & mostly, without having to drive a cab

Rob said...

I think this is a very pertinent article in the context of the times the trade finds itself in. A considerable number of trade principals would seem to be rewarded far beyond that which their 'talents'/capabilities would deem palatable. For example,Radio circuit chairman worth in excess of one hundred thousand pounds per annum ? These aren't CEO's of giant corporations, they are Cab drivers. Bob Oddy still in an 'executive position' on the LTDA, unbelievably, despite some thoroughly un executive like behaviour in the past,on camera. John Thomas, does this fellow get paid a salary? I get the impression he heads up the special offers/Warner hols dept at woodfield house !!! His job title is executive officer. How many are there at the ltda on what salaries? I think it reasonable to ask and be to be told.( I have been a member of the LTDA for a long time. It is simply the legal cover one needs,no other reason. I dispair at their apparent loss of direction and the loss of the court actions lately.) This subject and the one previously of the viability/unrealistic cost of cabs and financing really needs to have a light shone over them and accentuated. There seems to be an uncomfortable imbalance between what the driver sees and experiences real time doing the job and what the people in executive position understand.

Dizzy Disgruntled said...

I'll wager Len Martin is the only one of these four happy to lay his cards out on the table for all to see.