Thursday, May 05, 2016

The Taxi Trade Haven't Been Paranoid...TfL Really Are Helping Uber Circumnavigate Legislation.

  TfL Managing Director Leon Daniels.

News broke last night, of two emails which have been exposed, showing conversations between TfL's Leon Daniels and the Head of Uber UK, Jo Bertram.

First, at the GLA Transport committee we had the lie from Leon Daniels 'They have switch on, switch off insurance'.

Followed by another lie 'Yes they do have a landline'.

Now we have new terminology, 'Long Term Pre Booking' and 'Short Term Pre Booking', to cover up the fact that contra to the regulations of Private Hire licensing, Uber don't do 'Pre Bookings'. 
If you want an Uber car, you have to use the app when your ready to go. 

The document, unearthed by the LCDC, seems to help Uber cover up its lack of pre-booking options. 

Read the emails for yourself below:

Source TaxiPoint. 


Anonymous said...

Unequivocal proof that all senior management at TFL are working directly with the every day running of Uber.

If Sadiq Khan is Mayor on Friday Morning it should be demanded that Daniels should be sacked along with the other recipients of these emails as they are all complicit with the fraudulent licensing of Uber.

No doubt that the trade orgs will attempt to use this information as a bartering tool, as they did with STaN and walk away with a deal for cab drivers to be allowed to use hand held credit card machines.

The outcome... the criminals keep their jobs, Uber keep their operators license. Abd Captain Brainfart gets a headline for his chip wrapper.

Anonymous said...

Have been looking at twitter where drivers are teading these emails and refering to the as TF advisory emails. They always miss the bigger picture, its called:


Anonymous said...

How long has the LCDC had this information. Have they seeked a legal advise about reporting this corruption to the police?
You can guarantee emails are being destroyed at this very moment!

AndyCabb said...

I'm genuinely excited about this. I'm hoping that this, with the promise of more to come, is the turning point we've been waiting for though the road ahead may still be a long one.
Daniels position is, along with others, untenable now. He should resign immediately or be sacked if he refuses. Further to that if malfeasance us proved the law needs to take its course.
And imagine for a moment where the road ahead will lead;
A lawful definition of 'Plying for hire'
A completely new and impartial board at TFL.
Or even Taxi and private hire separated from TFL and a new body set up to oversee these trades with full and proper representation from the Taxi trade.
A cap on PH licences of 60,000.
A world wise collapse, enron style, of a certain aggressive regulation ignoring minicab company as venture capitalists and investors turn their backs.
Well we can all dream.

Anonymous said...

I had a dream.

AndyCabb. May 2016

Anonymous said...

US cab drivers are a bloody disgrace we as a unit had a chance to expose the corruption being exposed but a selfish majority refused to part with £20 to help actionforcabbies get the appropriate funds to have the experts expose this corruption in a court of law.. What ever the future a silent majority in this trade has contributed to our trades dimise pitiful shame on those who thought £20 was a price to high to save our livihoods!! We had the chance and we've let in slip.

Anonymous said...

These e mails should be sent to your M.P. and all national newspapers, so that the general public can see the corruption in government bodies. Of course, the press wont print them, and the tv news wont cover them either, but it is no good only telling the cab trade. The bigger picture MUST get out, and soon, or we will die a death of a thousand cuts.

Anonymous said...

what has Tom Watson got to say on this?