Monday, May 30, 2016

TfL Caught Bang To Rights Issuing PH licence Without CRB Check.

This tweet appeared on Twitter yesterday afternoon.

It followed this alleged TfL document which was posted earlier in the day.

We have been told repeatedly by TfL that Private Hire drivers go through the exact same process as Licensed Taxi Drivers when applying for or renewing their licenses. 

Last April we were warned in the media 
'Criminal record checks BANNED on foreign murderers and rapists who want to be minicab drivers if they have applied for asylum or refugees status'

TfL brushed these claims under the carpet and  repeatedly stated on Twitter, Private Hire Licenses are not issued, unless the driver has first completed an enhanced DBS check. 

At other times, we were told 'people that have lived in a foreign country and haven't lived here long enough, could be licensed subject to a letter of good conduct from the last country they lived in'. 

Well it seems they lied.....again!
Lies such as;
• They have switch on, switch off insurance.
• They complied with all the regulations when they first applied for their licence.
• They definitely have a land line for bookings

And now this;
Many Licensed Taxi drivers have been put out of work, some for many months, after Peter Hendy decided to scrap the temporary licence system that had been in use, with absolutely no trouble for decades. He said he could trust Taxi drivers to receive renewals just incase they had committed serious offences while waiting for their new licence to be processed. 

Now we find out that TfL have allegedly been issuing new and renewals to Private Hire drivers, without first receiving back DBS criminal record checks....One rule for us, and yet a completely deferent rule for PH.

A driver asked the question on Twitter, why are the orgs not all over this

He was told by a certain political lobbyist, that they had been silenced by TfL's gagging policy. 

At this, the same tired trolls rolled out to defend the engagement policy, but were told 'call it what you like, but the engagement policy clearly prohibits criticism of TfL'.

We have been informed the Mayor will be looking into this issue. 

This situation is unacceptable. TfL can no longer be trusted.



Anonymous said...

this is an outrage

Anonymous said...

TFL are just frucking lying, cheating, swindling, deceiving, dishonest, vile, odious scum. the whole lot should be removed and shown the door,never to return.

they do this sort of thing, yet, leave taxi drivers out of pocket, by not giving them their licences, they are and have been attempting to destroy the London taxi trade for a number of years and failed, but to be so deceitful & dishonest in this manner is not keeping in the traditions of institutions, we're compelled by threat to pay for. Plus showing the usual favoritism to the mini cabs. isn't that called corruption?

it's well past time to show these people they can't continue to take the piss and not expect a reaction.

Micky West. said...

What on earth do these people at TfL have to do before it fires up the dinosaurs at Woodfield Road.
Will operation neon officers have to go round with machetes physically attacking ranking Taxi drivers before the executive committee start earning their sky high salary?

It seems TfL can do what they like
And our elite trade orgs will just say nought.

It's time the members of these gagged orgs stood up and cancelled their subscriptions
Cut off the supply of money for nothing, these leaches have been living on for many years.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe the trade stands for this, over and over again

Anonymous said...

It’s the taxi drivers that allow it to happen as most have their heads in the sand and therefore don’t push for change.

There are those who belong to nothing and expect others to deal with it.

There are those who belong to a trade organisation and expect them to deal with it.

There are those who are trade organisation committee members who are only in it for what they can get out of it.

Therefore, there will be no change until the trade has become extinct and you will still have taxi drivers saying, “Well there’s not a lot we can do about it really is there”. It’s the apathy within that will finally kill the trade-off.

Not long to go now reading the drop in taxi Vehicle/driver licences being issued.
Taxi and private hire licensing figures by year:

Taxis PHV
Vehicles Drivers Operators Drivers Vehicles

All London Suburban Total
09/10 22445 21334 3580 24914 2882 59191 49355
10/11 22558 21499 3571 25070 3111 61200 50663
11/12 23099 21690 3646 25336 3164 64063 53960
12/13 22168 21733 3727 25460 3159 66975 49854
13/14 22810 21876 3662 25538 3038 65656 52811
14/15 22500 21724 3508 25232 3006 78690 62724
15/16 21759 21500 3370 24870 2814 101434 78139

Application volumes for licences - 266 applications are awaiting initial assessment. Of those applications, 169 are new (2 taxi and 167 private hire) and 97 are renewal applications (23 taxi and 74 private hire). Renewal applications are prioritised over new applications.

Calls to Taxi and Private Hire licensing team - 8,295 calls were attempted to the team last week. On average, calls were answered within 1 minutes 09 seconds, with an average call lasting for 5 minutes, 17 seconds.

The number of candidates studying the Knowledge of London is currently 1,843 at Stage 3 (down 232 from last week), 679 at Stage 2 (down 5 from last week) and 458 at Stage 5 (down 15 from last week).

Anonymous said...

Don't worry president Sadiq Khan will sort it all out , as he said he cares about Londoners safety first , He's made a big noise about licensing a few 3 wheel tricycles and taxing diesel vehicles , but has ignored the real danger to londeners , over to you Mr mayor of London

Anonymous said...

Its at times like this that I feel like inviting Helen Chapman on a date, getting her piss drunk and putting her in a bearded Uber to get home.

Anonymous said...

This has to be the 'last straw' !

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for my renewed license while being out of work for over two months, asked , pleaded with tfl to issue me a temporary license while my crb was completed the refused outright. Bloody double standards someone needs to fall on their sword

Anonymous said...

There's no date on the correspondence ?

There's no reference number, no recipient, or signature.

Jim, you've either been had over, or you are at it stiring the proverbial.

Some answers please?

Anonymous said...

Sorry guys and girls, we had the chance to unite and take this shower to court of which the truth may well of come out and our trade may of had a chance to survive but the lack of commitment from many in this trade who felt £20 was too big a price to pay to save our livihoods beggars belief we should of atleast tried to make them accountable in a court of law but instead we've let the one opportunity we had pass SHAME ON US!!!

Editorial said...

The letter was posted on different social media platforms.
It is said to have originated from a source at city hall and has been passed to the mayor for investigation.

TfL have not stated the letter is a fake but have posted on Twitter that the letter is not recent and that the system has changed.

What they fail to point out is, before Hendy stopped the age old practise, temporary licenses were issued to both PH and Taxi drivers who's renewals were delayed for any reason.

This letter shows a PH driver being issued a full licence, not a temporary one, putting the public at risk.
Therefore the age of this document is irrelevant, as a full licence should never have been issued without a CRB check.

You will find no stirring of the proverbial on this site....try the Badge, or Taxi.

Anonymous said...

In your editorial you use the word "alleged" which suggests you are dubious of its authenticity.
I have received many letters over the years from the old PCO and LTPH, they have always addressed me by name, have a reference to ID of the person sending the correspondence and the letter is always dated for legal reasons.
This letter has none of the above and Taxi Leaks is being evasive about it's authenticity by focusing on the date and content and NONE of the othe issues mentioned.
I would love the letter to be genuine, but in my honest opinion I feel it is a fake. Sorry Jim, facts are facts!

And for the record, I wouldn't even consider taking the Badge into the toilet with me if was the only thing available.

Best wishes.

Stan said...

Jim, if anything's fake it's this anonymous twat giving you a hard time.
Jim, you did the right thing posting this letter and that's all that matters.

Your post makes clear where you saw it first, you've done everything that could be expected.

Don't let these knockers get to you Jim.
Keep up the great work you do.
Taxi Leaks is the only source of trade news that's propaganda free.

I got this image of SM taking a copy of the badge into the toilet.
Be no good with the Taxi, it's too shiny, he'd brake his arm :))))

Editorial said...

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.