Monday, May 16, 2016

New Mercedes Vito Euro 6 To Preview 18-19th May 2016, At MK Dons Stadium

Breaking News Today, there is to be a preview of the new Mercedes Vito Taxi, Euro 6 at the PHTM show in milton keynes on 18th and 19th of May at MK Dons stadium.

Also, trade reps from around the country will be meeting with Mercedes-Benz & Penso on the 23rd May 2016, to further discuss the new Vito taxi available soon.

There are strong rumours that this vehicle will be priced very close to LTI's TX4 euro 6 model.

Here is a sneak view of the new model.

Looks very nice, but with the trades future looking bleaker as the weeks roll on, will drivers be able to make this type of investment in a new vehicle.


Anonymous said...

I am beginning to think that the only people who really understand how terrible it is out there are us drivers and our families.

This seems a crazy business idea given the current climate.

Drivers really are leaving in droves. But it will only become apparent when badges are not renewed.

Anonymous said...

Forget it most drivers will be looking for the cheapest old banger they can rent to cut costs to a minimum

Anonymous said...

Soon the Metro , then we will have 3 purpose built vetches that we as drivers will not be able. To afford , we need a normal car with hire light , these old overpriced tractors are out dated, even the public don't see them as taxis anymore .

Luddite my arse said...

Its Hilarious.

They haven't got a clue.

We are getting mullered and they are talking about euro 6 Mercs !!!!!!

Smell the Coffee ... the Fat Lady aint singing shes left the stage already.

Truly shocking that only drivers know the dire situation we are in.

I tell you know ... my cab is 2006 ... at current state of play it will run if allowed to 15 years, then like most im looking at an exit strategy ... buy a Merc or an Electric cab its laughable.

They will have what they want, and when uber switch to driverless if they ever do ... how we'll laugh at the drivers. And when they turn the prices up when they are the only show in town .... I personally will be on social media slagging every uber price whinger.

Anonymous said...

Is it coincidence that governmen/TFL road development scheme has coincided with the surge of uber.what a classic way of bringing new boy to the block, congestion the capitals roads with road works and private hire whilst the consumer can make a choice of sitting in a black cab watching the meter moving faster then the cab or knowing that the consumer will abandon ship to the governments cherry picked darling(UBER) make no mistake this is no coincidence its political, cycle lanes some the width of a bloody double decker bus??cycles my Arse a form of transport that brings in no revenue, I don't think so! Uber have no doubt approached government and said allow us in your cities with the sole intension that they along with sole mate Google will bring driverless electric cars to your cities they will have the market the only difference is that they will not need the driver!! So long and short of it is any cabbie who commits £44,000 plus on a near cab should not be driving a cab but instead locked in a room with a straight jacket..

Anonymous said...

I can't believe what I've just seen advertised,a new Merc Vito ,am I dreaming ,just about afford what I've got & with the work disappearing I've just re financed my 59 plate for 4more years to get the payments down. Who will be able able to buy one? Traffic conditions & uber have ruined a 350 + year old trade

Rob said...

I thoroughly agree and strongly endorse those comments from my colleagues. My previous cab reached its age limit a year ago and I was desperate enough to buy a 55 plate. Six years remain if I can hang on that long,I've never felt the abject tediousness of this job so much as I do now. It's unpredictable from day to day. Can anyone give me a firm opinion on who is buying a new taxi at the moment. Is it garages and/or butter boys/girls with a new badge. A brief scrutiny of the identifiers always seem to show 74 75 76.... Badges at the wheel of one of LTC's newest shit carts. I was hoping for the trade press to print a leading article urging drivers to spurn any new cab simply on the basis that it is economic suicide. Surely to take on these type of deals would be committing oneself to an existence where the job becomes all consuming, a very unhealthy prospect. If there was a trade wide boycott of new cab sales and the figures fell of a cliff,similar to what the driver is experiencing, would not the authorities sit up and listen? I know Nissan pulling out didn't quite cause the stir one might have expected but Metrocab,LTC and Merc need to sent a metaphorical broadside and the trade boycotting new sales is it. Go gas everyone,let's get these cabs 100% clean and lasting years longer. Why would the tfl object to the trade gassing up en-masse?

Anonymous said...

No one other than cabbies and their families are suffering as all the trade leeches are still getting their money the same as before and they know there is nothing you can do about it if you need to drive a taxi,you can just drive all day and night 24/7 if need be anyone buying a new cab is just proving this to the leeches they should be boycotted for as long as possible to make our problems their problems too

Anonymous said...

The price of new cabs has risen 50% in the last 10 years, probably having as much impact on your takings as the app phenomenon, but is conveniently ignored by most, as the new sales continue the same year on year. Part of completing the kol is the inspiration of getting a shiny new cab at the end of it, the fact it costs more to own and run than a house is irrelevant to most starry eyed butters, and that is the cab companies target market. A new sales boycott is long over due but it's to late now there is no rosey future, the horse has bolted.

Damian said...

My shiney new euro 6 costs me less than renting a 58 plate did, including payments, insurance, meter, everything. And I'll own it in 4 years. I'm not pretending the trade is not in crisis but buying brand new made total economic and commercial sense for me.

Bill fae Dundee said...

I am fortunate to live in an area that permits ordinary saloons to be licensed as a taxi. If I had to take out a mortgage to buy one of these old fashioned buckets, it would be time to give up. My saloon car is comfortable,modern and cheap to run.
Just to let you know I bought a Rover 75 diesel for £820. 50 miles to a gallon, leather interior, heated fronts seats etc. It paid for itself in 3 weeks. Who are the mugs here?