Tuesday, May 17, 2016

London Taxi Drivers Fund For Underprivileged Children : London's Finest, Take 200 Kids To Woburn Safari Park


Another story you won't see in the press today....or on any of the mainstream TV news broadcasts

Words cannot express the the pride I feel in my fellow cabbies and the members of the LTDFUC, who again this morning, gave up their days work to take 200 kids for a fun packed trip to Woburn Safari Park

Just one of the reasons our taxi trade in London, is the envy of the World. 

Perhaps somebody should tell Dave, George, TFL and the media!!!!!!

London's finest, waiting for the children to arrive

   Heading home, after a great day out 

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Anonymous said...

all very nice and good, however, we're standing on a GALLOWS, with the hangman's noose around our necks