Friday, May 20, 2016

Are these people really worth this amount of money? ... Letter To Taxi Leaks

Have a quick perusal of the' tfl organisational chart 2014 /15 'on google and see what these 'executives' earn, it will make your hair stand on end and raise your blood pressure, they are phenomenal figures. 

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These people are simply not worth the vast sums of money they are being paid. It's heart breaking to see the depths this city has fallen to when you attempt a journey by road. 

In 29 years I have never experienced such interminable road congestion as now. So many roads have been closed from the city westwards to soho, Mayfair and beyond. 

The job of cab driving has been thoroughly deskilled. Traffic is being funnelled down main routes, those little streets to the side, a form of pressure relief valve are closed. As difficult as the App companies make life for the established business that we try and run, the real latent threat is the tfl policy of shutting down roads/routes. 

They are like veins that carry blood. 
They are either being removed from usage or narrowed, ie parliament sq, Farringdon road Victoria embankment and so on. 

Truthfully,knowing what you do regarding the geography of London, a cab wouldn't be your instinctive choice as a means of transport if you had to get somewhere. 

Why couldn't the LTDA, LCDC, RMT and god knows how many other trade reps have argued for us to be given access from Oxford st into soho st, a small but significant measure. 
Open up Rupert St from Brewer St into Winnett St into Wardour st, for 'Cabs Only'.

A job from Great Marlborough street to Covent Garden can literally cost someone an arm and a leg, it's embarrassing! 

This Brown character has a shinny cv and yet what concrete proposals for improvement has he got. This dystopian existence we all now suffer has occurred on his watch, the mans a clown. 

A well remunerated clown at that. 

Regards Rob.

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Anonymous said...

A very good post from a cab driver with a brain, lets see how it is dealt with by people who dont understand the puzzle of the routes you describe simply because they do not drive a cab...

We all live in hope (cab drivers that is)

Be Lucky