Monday, May 30, 2016

Addison Lee, Arrive In Greater Manchester.

Addison Lee arrives in Manchester. 

London PH Giant Addison Lee arrives in Manchester, EXCEPT, they missed it on their Sat Nav and instead set up in a nearby Town, usually the case with PH drivers, but not the Companies. 

Addison Lee are however owned by U.S. Equity group Carlyle and it must be remembered that Mark Twain (another Yank) once said of Manchester.

“I would like to live in Manchester, England. The transition between Manchester and death would be unnoticeable.”

However , for whatever reason, locating near Manchester but licensing with a more efficient authority is no doubt a wise one.

Lets hope they can give UBERK a run for their money. It is not a coincidence that UBERK have an 'Office' in Stockport as well.

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Anonymous said...

Al have had their arse thrashed by U in London and think they can make good in the north. Good luck with that! We'll see in the not to distant future, what transpires. I somehow doubt they'll last very long.

Anonymous said...

Metro, Lynx, Uber and now one more, soon there will be more taxi drivers than than the population of Stockport

Anonymous said...

Only set up in stockport so they can keep all there fleet black also got there logo on rear windscreen not allowed so council will soon stop that

Anonymous said...

About time Metro/Lynx had some proper competition,they have treated their drivers like muck for years and years...

Anonymous said...

Out of town companies coming in breaking the current council policies set and getting away with it. Add lee drivers don't even work in Stockport they are just bi passing mcr council so that they can work with black coloured vehicles and have mpvs. Uber drivers are all criminals too! Bit of back handing to the stockport council clearly someone is getting a good wager in that establishment. Corrupt!