Thursday, April 21, 2016

Need A Good Laugh, Read Camden Councils Plans For Pancras Road.


Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse with TfL and their strong arm tactics, using the Met Police as muscle, along come the Lycra clad brigade, from Camden Council's planning department. 

If you want to see just how ridiculous these people with degrees can get, have a look at Camden's proposed new system for Pancras Road. 

They've even given themselves a get out clause if (when) it so goes tits up. 

              The RMT, Talking The Talk.


Below is Camden's Plan: 


As you will be aware the King’s Cross area is developing at a rapid pace.  In 2007 St Pancras Station reopened to passengers.  Since then we have seen the redevelopment of King’s Cross Station and the rejuvenation of former industrial sites both to the north of and between the stations.

As a result of this, Pancras Road has seen a large increase in private car, taxi, coach, cyclist and pedestrian activity.  As the highway authority it is our responsibility to ensure the safety of all modes of transport using our road network. 

There are three areas outside the station which act as pick-up / drop-off points.  Two of these areas are located on either side of the Eurostar entrance (opposite Kings Cross Station) and the third one is located further north along Pancras Road.    

Council Officers have been working with Transport for London and the Metropolitan Police with regards to the issues resulting from the operation of these drop off and pick up bays.  Vehicles mainly use the parking bays nearest the Eurostar entrance, whilst bays further north along Pancras Rd are being under used.  This imbalance is causing unnecessary congestion close to the Eurostar entrance, to the southern section of Pancras Road.

Two minute parking restrictions (5 minutes for disabled bays) are in place to keep bays free and traffic flowing, however vehicles regularly overstay the maximum permissible time. 

Unfortunately additional vehicles often choose to double park instead of using the empty bays further along Pancras Rd, creating a safety hazard for pedestrians crossing the road and for cyclists travelling along Pancras Road, often also resulting in traffic congestion approaching from Euston Road.  In addition, a number of vehicles are performing U-turn manoeuvres exacerbating safety concerns to pedestrian and cyclists’ movements.

To help resolve the issues mentioned in this letter, we are proposing to make the first two areas immediately outside the Eurostar entrance a drop-off area only and make the third area to the north as a pick-up area only.

To ensure that vehicles use the drop off area to simply drop passengers off and then move on, we are proposing to introduce long slender traffic islands alongside the existing parking areas.  We believe that as vehicles enter the area they will be forced to move on quickly as they are likely to be followed by other vehicles either requiring the space to drop-off themselves or needing to exit.  The area will in effect be “self-enforcing” allowing for the efficient use of the available parking spaces.  Given that there will be only one point of entry and exit, the introduction of the traffic island will also make U- turning impossible, improving road safety in the area. 

The proposed changes are shown on the enclosed drawing.  We are also proposing the introduction of signage to direct drivers to designated pick–up and drop–off areas, as well as the short term car park located further north along Pancras Road.  If agreed, we are planning to implement the changes soon and use marshals for the first two weeks to ensure drivers understand and comply with the separate drop off and pick up areas.  

Initially we intend to draw up an experimental traffic management order to help us enforce these changes.  Experimental orders are used to allow the council to monitor the effect and change as necessary.  An experimental order lasts no more than eighteen months before they are abandoned, amended or made permanent.  This allows stakeholders to add further comments whilst the scheme is in place and we will make a decision over permanence at a later date.

We would welcome your views on our proposals, which should be received by no later than 20 March 2016.  Please use the details outlined above for your response or to contact us for any further queries you may have about the proposals.  We look forward to hearing from you.  All responses will be considered and Camden Council will take a decision on the proposals in June 2016. 


Anonymous said...

Spend tens of thousands on consolations and road changes when all that needs to be done is one warden who enforces the 2 min rule. Or a camera that does it for them...That's to simple for the latte and sandal brigade at Camden.

Anonymous said...

I am going to drop off wheelchairs and accept credit card in the area (its what tfl want) where camden are using roadrage as a tool to implement there changes. Meanwhile camden council can team up with tfl and locate uber a feeder park!

Anonymous said...

If Camden implement their proposal for an island drop off, I can see the traffic queuing back to Euston underpass and beyond waiting to get into the station to drop off, traffic at the drop off would be kettled in and totally dependent on traffic dropping and moving on, so what happens when a driver has to drop off a wheelchair passenger, what happens when there is multiple luggage to unload. Now bearing in mind traffic must enter from Euston road and exit from onto Goodsway, what happens when there is congestion at the exit end ?, Camden's proposals are a sham, practically laughable. All that's needed in the current setup is enforcement of the drip off area, nothing more, efficient enforcement can be done cheaply using existing cameras.

Alan Wicker said...

1 Warden, the WITHDRAWAL of the wrongly obtained PH Licences & nicking all of the drivers, who don't have proper Hire & Reward Insurance, will get rid of a big part of the problem.

Alan Wicker

Anonymous said...

Before you waste any more public money CAMDEN on a consultation you will ignore or an experiment, how about just sending a parking attendant along to enforces what the current TMO demands 2 minutes maximum dwell time.

LTPH just send some of your shiny new enforcement officers to assist, along with a notice to PH and us (but we ain't the problem) stating that anyone found obstruction or overstaying will have action taken against them and persistent offenders will be revoked.

There you go free management consultancy on us, 350 plus years of experience and expertise brought to bear.

If that happens no need for continuing demonstrations there or coppers handing out anti terrorism legislation leaflets to the world's best cab trade