Saturday, April 30, 2016

LondonTaxiPR New Advertising Campaign To Promote The Trade.

Hi all, just a quick post to make you all aware that we at LondonTaxiPR are raising funds for a new advertising campaign. 

The target required is 14k ! The campaign is for advertising the trade in 30 London clubs & bars, as well as in 8 stations. 

The coverage on this is huge, and targets the young social audience, plus all ages passing through the stations. Estimated quality impacts on this campaign is approx 3.5 million. Quality impacts are the amount of times the ads will be physically seen over the 4 week campaign period.

Washroom posters, beer mats, bar towels, mirror signage will all be promoting our trade & service. 
Many have voiced their demands for our trade having positive PR. If you want advertising & PR for our trade then we, at LondonTaxiPR have the campaigns to introduce it. All we ask is for you to back your demands.

Just 1000 drivers contributing £14 gives us this target, the same as 1400 drivers contributing just £10, and all the money contributed by each of you, helps to promote you and your trade. 

To join in & contribute towards this new fantastic campaign, targeting London's clubs, bars & stations audience, go to and click on the PayPal donate link at the bottom of the page. 

This trade has recently shown that it can come together and support positive actions. The generosity shown by the trade in contributing to such actions is superb. Let's make another positive campaign happen. 

You can find out more about us by visiting our website or follow us on Twitter @londontaxi_pr 


Many thanks 

Lee & Gary


Anonymous said...

The LTDA HAS £1,000,000 in the war chest ,about time they F###ing chipped in before we are totally F###ed!

Anonymous said...

I think most people know about black cabs can't see how putting a pic of a black cab on a beer mat is going to save the trade maybe it's about time we had Financial help from within the trade from people and companies who rent cabs companies who sell us cabs meter suppliers tried organisations could reduce their subs we are taking the hit out here but know one within the trade is helping us we are being milked to death by our so called supporters