Thursday, April 14, 2016

Letter To The Editor : Police Harassing Taxi Drivers Queuing To Join Paul Sweeney.

Another day and another directive from TFL to the Metropolitan Police, to hound and hassle every Cabbie in London. 

As you are all aware, to join the rank at Paddington, you start via Harrow road roundabout junction. However, Met police are issuing tickets to cabbies who are at the process of trying to join the rank. 

Police manpower has been substantially reduced, but it seems the Met can still fine the resources to have permanent officers stationed at upper Tachbrook Street and Victoria Coach station, to stop the heinous crime of over ranking, while private hire drivers are aloud to double park in Pancras Road with impunity

This ongoing harassment of drivers has hit boiling point now. It is believed throughout the trade that TFL are behind this campaign. 

Why haven't we seen trade ranks and highways reps travelling down to the problem areas and looking into this huge problem. I am sure, If just one of them came down and spoke to the Met and started gathering evidence, it could be a huge vote winner. 

Drivers are currently being left, like Lambs to the slaughter. Why are iconic London taxi trade being victimised ?
Are any of the Orgs going to tackle this problem NOW ?

Editorial Comment :
TfL and local councils have been reducing the number of standings for Taxis by stealth over the past few decades.

Just look at the ranks that have disappeared from along Oxford Street, Regent Street, Shaftsbury Avenue.

In the late 50's there was 1 rank space for every Taxi, now it's about 65-70 Taxis to every rank space. 
Where do they expect us to go when it's quiet?

With London's air quality currently worst in Europe, surely it's beneficial to have as many vehicles as possible stationary with the engine turned off, than driving round in circles spewing out diesel fumes, looking for a space on the back of a rank.

Perhaps we should start urinating and defecating in people's gardens around Pimlico and Paddington....and they might give us large feeder parks along Vauxhall bridge Road and North Wharf Road, like they've arranged at Heathrow for Uber.

Why are we suddenly seeing this harassment from the Met, when it's perfectly clear they are turning a blind eye to the increasing amount of illegally parked PH vehicles every evening into the early hours, especially in the Mayfair and Soho areas. 
It's alleged these directives are coming directly from TfLTPH.

But as Paul mentioned in his letter, where are our rank and highways reps? 

They take our money as subs, but when was the last time you saw a rep from any org, arguing the toss with an officer, (PCO or Met) harassing drivers on a rank?

Perhaps we need to see some all trade action, in answer to TfL's unfair harassment.

If the reps can pay themselves to have all trade meetings at Heathrow, then they should also be available to look after the interests of the rank and file members out there on the street.  

If TfL and the Met want to see an amicable solution to this problem, then they need to make available more resources and embark on a program of expansion of rank spaces both new and extending existing locations. Obviously, this should be done in league with local councils and all trade representative bodies.

Please feel free to use the comment section below to suggest new ranks and extensions. 


Anonymous said...

next time they want assistance from you and your Taxi, you know how to react. tell them why at same time.

Andy said...

If you are waiting to join a rank keep your light off until you can get on the rank, that way you are not "plying for hire from an unauthorised standing" you are just parked up like an uber.

Anonymous said...

Tfl was gonna give us sector 1 driver's the archway rank but the Ltda and lcdc went crazy even though it's not being used at all. So if you want any help from these pricks just forget it. As for what they care about feeding our families work it out for yourself

Anonymous said...

They want to drastically reduce the taxi fleet in London. Every action in the last two years suggests this.

Drivers are leaving the trade in huge numbers. Me included sadly. It is becoming unviable for a working man with a mortgage to continue.

The race to the bottom is starting to really hurt. That are just turning the screw even further with action like this.

I still don't fully understand why they want us gone, but they clearly do.

Well done to those still fighting, me and a good few drivers I know personally can't afford to carry on.

Best of luck to you all.

Anonymous said...

Don't blame "the met"

I bet if you enquirer at the respective police stations concerned they will NOT know anything about this police harassment

However, those officers seconded to TfL by Special Service Agreement and directly controlled by The Mayor and the wanders at TfL are the ones to target

Andy said...

They dont want us gone mate, the black cab trade will continue, have no doubt about that, but thousands will leave the trade before the end of the year, and as a result of that TFL will deregulate. What I mean by deregulate, is the end of the knowledge as we know it. Black cabs in the future will be driven by know nothing sat nav monkeys. The LTDA know this, the LTC know this and the garages know this...

Anonymous said...

lights off or on is irrelevant when plying for hire. read the acts

Anonymous said...

Ask the reps that were at the meeting about paddington rank last week police wanted to make it start in hermitage road one of the reps told a police officer to f--- off thats why they are doing what they are doing

Anonymous said...

A wild animal is most dangerous when wounded

Ever watched a boxer, well behind on points, fight the last few rounds?
Ever watched your team turn it on in the last ten minutes of a game because they are losing, and thought 'Why didn't they play like this from the start?"

We the Taxi Trade are in the last ten minutes of our game.
If we can score one goal, we will get that vital replay at home.
We must lift our heads and go that extra mile. Hit the opposition with everything we have. Force them back into their own penalty area.
Fight like we have nothing to lose. Because literally, that is the case; we have nothing to lose.

The game is not over! It is time to play like a team.
A champion never throws in the towel. And a team of champions always play to the final whistle.
So do not give up. That is what TfL and their masters want.

We, as a Trade, have been misrepresented and betrayed.
We have waited for something to happen, for promises to be kept and for the sleeping eighty percent to wake up. All we got for our troubles was to end up further down Shit Creek.
That was then, this is now. It is time to show our Dunkirk spirit.
We are not going to hold our hands up and surrender, because some rich arsehole thinks we are insignificant.
Those of you who have been fortunate enough to travel in Taxis abroad, know only too well how highly regarded we are by our fellow cabbies across the world.
They are looking to us to show them the way.
We are not going to shy away from our responsibilities.
We are going to fight!
We are going to get that replay!
We are going to let them know, in no uncertain terms, if we go down, we are taking each and every one of those bastards down with us!

Join the RMT, so we can become one powerful voice.
Leave the subservient eighty percent who are submissive to TfL and their condescending board.
Join the proactive twenty percent, who do everything for you on your behalf.
Refuse to be bowed by bullying officials and their underhand tactics.
Help turn the Pro Twenty percent into a Pro Fifty percent.
Help turn TfL on its head and make the new Mayor realise we are playing for our lives.