Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Huffington Press Founder, Invited To Join Uber.

Founder Arianna Huffington, has been invited to join the board at Uber. 

Arianna, an exponent of the benefits of napping should fit in well with the uber work force who regularly take naps, unfortunately this happens when they're driving. 

Why not ask her on Twitter what she is going to do about the sexual assaults and rapes

the vast amount of insurance fraud, the drivers who are in deep water from bad car loans, the people who have been injured in Uber car accidents, the people who have lost thousands of pounds after their account details were sold on the dark web, and the environmental damage caused by flooding the roads with 30,000 cars, that take ridership away from public transit. 

Tweet her now @ariannahuff. 
Send her links to stories, reports and data. 
She needs to address these well documented issues.


Wayne Casey said...

wonder what she thinks about uber pressure on journalists critical to uber

Anonymous said...

Invited to join Uber, or paid to join Uber?

Got to had it to Kallenick, he's got a way with women. Especially fugly ones 😂