Saturday, April 30, 2016

Expelled, For Seeking Answers To Questions : Swept Under The Carpet? ... Not This Time.

This trade IS sleep walking into oblivion.
Certain people we trusted, have been partner to agendas and bad decisions, in full knowledge of the direction we were being taken.

They sat back, said and did nothing. Certain trade reps were/are afraid to speak out, incase they're turned away from the meetings and black balled. Smaller, more militant groups which formed in the wake of the lack of proper representation, were excluded altogether.

A tribal system was set in place, engineered to keep us divided and weak, while affording those complicit, a cosy little number.

Look at the state of our once glorious trade.
The overpriced Taxis, the advertising, some smothered by all over liveries and super sides which tarnish the look of our once iconic vehicles. 

Look at the symbolism.
The different coloured lanyards, diaries, IDs, window stickers, all of which divide the trade further, instead of helping to unite the rank and file. 
We have been forced into subgroups, reducing any form of resistance and diluting the spirit to fight.

Not satisfied with going forward together for the benefit of the trade, building little empires seeking singular glory, dropping a spanner in the works of any plan put forward by others, which failed to result in the complete kudos coming their way. 

They've filled their respective magazines and news letters for many years with self glorification content which further added to diversifying the workforce.

Anyone who stands up and cries foul, is immediately castigated and expelled. 

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Dizzy Disgruntled said...

The first battle in this trade is and always has been against TfL's inside man Bob Oddy.

He has crippled this trade.

If you are an LTDA member you are paying for your own funeral.

No point in even looking at TfL whilst he is there.

Anonymous said...

It shouldn't be overlooked that Bob Oddy recently verbally abused Michael Calvey at a COM meeting claiming he is a nothing that knows fuck all.

It also shouldn't be overlooked that it is on record that Oddy verbally abused another member telling him to fuck off before ejecting him from Taxi House.

The LTDA hasn't got a reputation to bring into disrepute; the good reputation the LTDA had has been eroded away over the years by the gutless inaction of Oddy and his band of geriatrics.

It also transpires that the LTDA rule book has been changed to support the circumstances of certain COM members that no longer hold a Badge and Bill.

Who sat in judgement of Michael Calvey, and who are the real offenders that have brought the LTDA into disrepute ?

I think Michael needs to get the HMRC and the FSA to look very carefully at the activities and accounts of LTDA Enterprises and see exactly what his ex-best mate and his fellow company directors have to hide.

Anonymous said...

I have cancelled my membership and joined the LCDC.Up yours ODDY.

Anonymous said...

Internal politics once again detract from the real issues.

Just like the miners and the print.

The bigger picture fades behind a vicious political melee.

And we all start looking for someone to blame while Rome burns.

Sean Day said...

in fairness, it's not internal politics when a member, such as myself, merely decides to attend branch meetings, only to fall upon so many non-committal inconsistencies that it fuels a drive to look further into why they are so impotent as a representative body.

From a member perspective, a core group of felt the need to reattach the operation of the LTDA to the demands of its membership. Social networking had highlighted how dependent they were at keeping its membership at arms length. In fact, the TAXI newspaper was used to enable this via vicarious communication. Members concerns were dealt with in isolation, and member engagement such as the branch meetings had long since fallen by the wayside.

There is no internal politics, it's the core membership holding the most high profile association to account. The trade is crying out for credible, legitimate, and effective representation, and to not address the issues at hand would be doing the trade a huge disservice.

Personally, I ask for nothing, except for the LTDA to come through for its members. If they choose not to and the prevailing standard remains, just know that it wasn't only entrenched politics that was at fault, but an apathetic majority that will always look for someone or something else to blame.

Luddite said...

Well said