Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Eurostar Show How They Feel, About Having A Safe Licensed Taxi Rank Outside St Pancras.

If you see private hire vehicles, illegally ranking outside St Pancras station in Pancras or Midland Road, 
Call the Brirish Transport Police on  0800 405040 
Don't forget to ask for a cad number, as your call will be registered as a complaint. 
If you settle for a reference number, your call is just recorded as a phone call, with no detail.

You can also send a text message to British Transport Police

You can also make a complaint direct to Camden Council on 0207 9744444 
Nice to know how much we are valued by Eurostar. 

It looks like Euro Star would prefer to put their passengers in cars....these cars!


Alan Wicker said...

many grateful thanks to EUROSTAR

watching the news coming through now about HILLSBOROUGH, I just wonder, in years to come, just as we are now seeing EVERYTHING being exposed & coming-out about HILLSBOROUGH, will we see the same about tfl? will we see tfl's hierarchy, exposed for their wrongdoings, negligence in enforcing their own Rules & Standards?

how do they live with themselves?

as the bible says:
the truth will always out

Anonymous said...

Can't even spell vehicles, we should boycott Eurostar rank, I know it won't happen but it's an idea