Thursday, April 28, 2016

Cinnamon Spice Restaurant, Put Customers In Fake Minicab.

Cinnamon Spice Indian Cusine Restaurant put a group of customers in a fake minicab that had no insurance, no TfL vehicle licence and was not driven by a TfL licensed driver. 

The complaint below has appeared on the Trip Advisor 

This restaurant provided a car for a group last night and then that car was stopped in a routine traffic stop by police and was found to have no licence, no insurance and no PCO licence in the drivers name. 

When challenged the passengers stated that the restaurant had ordered it for them. 

Turns out the car was driven by one of the friends of someone who worked in the restaurant, they were charging £55 to go to Excel. 

What an utter disgrace!! 

They could have been injured and the passengers would have had no legal leg to stand on to claim compensation. 

Advice would be to hail a black cab.

Visited April 2016

Manager at Cinnamon Spice, responded to this review, 2 days ago

We used this mini cab office when customers ask us to do so, we than confirm the prices with the customer. I was told it was £45 and I told the customer. 

The company we phoned is called Budged Cars tel no. 02079356444.
Please beware of them as we will never use the again.

I have had a word with the cab office and they said that the customers were not charged and that the police was doing a routine checks on cars and that they are all licences and insured. I also have informed trading standard and reported to the police.

I or cinnamon spice have no interest or involvement with this cab office and I can only apologise for any inconvenience caused.
I thank you for bring this to our attention as we were not aware of this.

If you would like to discuss this matter further please do not hesitate to contact me at the restaurant.

Kind regards
Cinnamon spice
12-14 Glentworth Street

Source : Trip Advisor. 


Anonymous said...

So the manager phoned a random company out of the blue did they?

Anyhow how many PH cars are actually driven BT a licensed driver? All facilitated of coutrse by TfL and its seeking complete dereliction of duty or supppprt fro regulations that require PH cars to only be driven by PH licence holders.

No more 'I am up my brother in law' bullshit or 3 handed driving on PH apps.

Can't work they say? Well it's been law outside London for years.

TfL and government will do nothing to rein in activity, for interest have a look at the FOI's posted by Caroline Pigeon, hold your nose whilst you read the conflicting responses.

Look what happened over Hillsborough, if they are prepared to blame others for tragic deaths and falsify statement etc etc, any expectations that we will be treated with integrity and honesty are moonshine.

Brian said...

Clearly the health & safety of their customers is not an issue for these people.
It might be very interesting to see what else they get up to in their kitchen.

Anonymous said...

The sad part of this is nobody outside of the Taxi trade give's a F##%.It goes on all over London and will only get worse as TFL are out of control and answer to nobody.