Friday, March 04, 2016

TfL Board Meeting 03/02/2016 : Highlights and full video link.

Apparently, even though this board agreed a 1.6 tariff increase, Peter Anderson MD of Finance at Canary Wharf said "Taxis are just too expensive"

The Board wants an all embracing tariff review to take place within the next 12 months as by then according to Leon Daniels they will have more data to go on.

Peter Anderson then bought up the question of linking the CC machine to the meter. Leon Daniels agreed saying although their are some players in the market who can do this now, there are some who can't but are working to do this later. He said linking to meter should be mandated sooner rather than later.

Board member Peter Anderson said even though soon if us can afford to take taxis we don't cause they're too expensive. He was also heard to mumble  "if we want a cheaper ride, we can use Uber"

He went on to ask the question "are we here to protect the Taxi drivers income, our protect the public?
He also said, normally we should be protecting the public from a monopoly but in this case, the monopoly is broken.

Other topics:
Apparently the 20p rise to flag fall, to compensate us paying commission on CCs is only for 12 months.
If diesel drops to 72p then fares would be reduced by 40p per journey

Garret Emmerson explained that the 3% cap on CC charges was unnecessary as market forces would find an acceptable level.

Even though the 3% CC surcharge cap was scrapped, all their calculations and hypothesis is based on a 3% surcharge. Typical of the way TfL do business.

Leon Daniels said "the cost of clearing CCs is being shared by the customer, who will pay 20p and the driver, who will pay slightly more than that".
When questioned about what would happen if a customer was refused CC facilities on the grounds that the machine wasn't working, Garrett answered:
"If machine is reported to us as not working, the first thing we would do is pull the vehicle in for inspection".

Isabel Deadring said that their are players in the market offering between 1 to 2 percent surcharge, but failed to name them!!!

The legality of mandating was bought up but the board was told it was a matter to be discussed later in a private session. Wonder what it is they don't want made public about the mandate?

It should be noted that Bob Oddy (far left in the video) had absolutely nothing to say on this issue.

See full video below:
Worth watching from 43 minutes into the meeting. 


Charlie e1 said...

I'm not sticking up for Bob oddy or the LTDA, but I watched this video weeks ago and picked up on the fact that Bob oddy was very quite on all the issues regarding the taxi trade, I phoned the LTDA and spoke to Bob himself, he stated that at the board meeting he is not allowed to comment on the trade because he is the member representing the trade, apparently this rule applies to all board members, ie they are not allowed to speak about there own particular trades or industries interests at the board meetings. He also said that in other meetings he is allowed to raise any concerns but not at the actual board meetings. In my opinion this rule isn't fair/right but according to Bob oddy that is the rules laid out by tfl and the mayor.

Jackie said...

Did this idiot actually say about protecting the public???
So PHVs with no insurance is protecting the public??