Thursday, March 03, 2016

New update from Action For Cabbies - Black Cabbies v TfL .... What Next?

Many supporters of the campaign keep asking the one question that seems to be on everyone’s lips ‘What if we don’t reach £600k’, which we’ve always answered and maintain, when the campaign closes (14th March 2016) and if the target of £600k hasn’t been reached, any monies pledged will not be taken from the pledgers account.

Whilst our position hasn’t changed we’ve be urged by many of you to continue working proactively for the trade. To this end and rather than Action-for-Cabbies deciding, we would like you to decide what you want us to do next.

AskPOB have once again kindly agreed to conduct a survey to gauge what you think we should do, so please read and completed the one question one answer survey by 8.00pm on Sunday 6th March 2016.

We will publish the results of the AskPOB survey on Monday 7th March 2016, and depending on what you want Action-for-Cabbies to do next, we’ll either formulate an action plan or close the current campaign on the 14th March 2016 without any monies being taken from pledgers accounts.

Thank you and please remember ‘we are stronger together’.


Survey link:

Also, please watch this video from Sean Paul Day, as he explains how the LTDA undermind the #ActionforCabbies fund raising campaign 


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Jim Edwards said...

Agree with every word Sean. Tfl need to be challenged on this issue not a myriad of petty ones. Ltda conspicuous by their silence. My Dad was among the founder members and would be screaming blue murder about ineffective actions