Thursday, March 31, 2016

Message to the new I'm Spartacus.

As we all sit in polluting traffic jams now extending from 6am to  well past midnight, some suggestions as to improve all our lives:

The CC zone operates 24/7 and double yellow lines operate 24/7.

PH can only enter if they have a pre booking, this can be checked by linking the CC APRN with the booking software and the MID database to also ensure the vehicle is insured. The PH industry should have no lawful objection and will reduce touting and many operators will welcome this.

Car parks in the congestion zone closed and given over to housing, those that are left accesibleto disabled drivers with taxi ranks alongside so that the fully accessible wheelchair fleet usage is maximised.

Bus operations reviewed to decrease the frequency of buses in times of low demand.

Increase taxi rank provision in the side streets of Oxford Street stores so that Oxford Street can be considered for pedestrianisation.

As the taxi fleet moves toward ZEC vehicles the situation can only improve if that requirement is accompanied by a drastic reduction in the actual amount of vehicles looking to access the zone often just to effectively ply for hire on an app, it's irrelevant if that vehicle is hybrid or runs on fresh air, it's very presence leads to congestion and pollution.

No doubt paid lobbyists from non UK tax paying companies will be lining up to state it's protecting a monopoly and what about consumer choice.

Those bogus allegations are easy to answer, people will still be able to book a PH vehicle and of course as it's a pre booking as the law requires then those consumers will understand why they have to wait, if they want a vehicle instantly then they can hail or e hail a taxi that will arrive quickly through free flowing streets.

As for the monopoly, quite simply there is none, anyone who meets the standard can become a taxi driver, as for competition each taxi driver 'competes' with every other, there is no pooling of fares!

Whilst we are on about monopoly, is that not what below cost pricing, dubious insurances and the double Dutch and the Irish Sandwich tax mechanisms are designed to create?

This week we had a letter in the Evening Standard from Uber stating that they support the cycle super highway and want more electric charging points installed etc, of course they fail to explain how the money will be found from their pitiful tax contribution!

Still we could always close a hospital or a fire station to help them out.

So Mayor, support London, support this vision.

I'm Spartacus

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