Saturday, March 05, 2016

THE TROUBLE WITH TOUTS : Letter To The Editor.

       Taken from the Mayor Of London's advert:

10 sexual assaults committed every month by illegal minicabs.
Almost the same again by TfL licensed ones. 

And that's just the ones that are reported. 60% of victims never report their attacks. 
Last year, 113 minicab drivers were arrested over serious sexually assaults, including rapes.

These are the statistics TfL and the Met don't want you to see.

Letter to the Editor:

The Met Police are understaffed and TfL are uninterested. So how do we tackle the threat from Illegal Touts?

Existing legislation and precedent already in place, is enough to deal with correct background checks, health check ups, proper insurance and capping.

The problem is, TfL are not up to the task.
But if the new Mayor of London is strong enough to shake up TfL and tell the Prime Minister to back off. Then these problems could be sorted with ease.

Touting is a real danger. Not just the theft of someone's livelihood, but the clear and present danger of sexual predators prowling the streets of London.

Police routinely check touts' vehicles for rape kits and weapons.
So it is accepted amongst the authorities that there are too many of these unsavoury characters out there.

Since the Government's austerity cuts and decimation of London's Emergency Services, there are not enough police to make much of an impression on London's tout epidemic.
So what is needed are proper deterrents.

The Met should charge touts with 'Kidnap'.
A tout enticing an inebriated female into his car with promises of getting her home, is not dissimilar to a paedophile enticing a child into his car with promises of sweets.
They are in effect attempting to kidnap them.

Charge touts with kidnap, and this endemic problem of the City and West End will be solved overnight.
Charge any doorman soliciting a crime, with aiding and abetting.
If it is the tout's second offence, or they are a registered sex offender, the sentence would be expected to carry some serious time.

Do we really have to wait for the wife or daughter of someone famous or in high office, to get attacked, before something is done.
Let's bolt the gate shut before the horse has noticed, this time around.

Lenny Etheridge

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The Truth said...

Can I just point out Lenny, that it's not just a west end ir city problem, these touts are in the suburbs as well and probably steal 80% of the work in places like Stratford or the 02. I keep saying it because it's true, more education for passengers needs to be top priority. Come on ltda,lcdc etc, put your money where your mouth is and create pamphlets that detail the folly of getting in a tout car, for us to give our passengers. Education is the key, until then the touting will carry on regardless.