Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Letter To Editor : Personal Message Of Thanks To The Mayfair Mob And The UCG.


I would like to add a personal message to my earlier tweet of thanks to the Mayfair Mob and the UCG for their support of the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans (more traditionally known as the London Benevolent Association for War Disabled).  
As most of you will know, numerous drivers give up their time to take our veterans on trips to destinations such as Worthing, Arnhem and Normandy among many others. This is a wonderful way of thanking the ex military for their service to Britain.  By the same token, however, we can never overlook the exceptional contribution that the drivers make through volunteering. 

You will be aware that I am not a taxi driver myself. Nevertheless I am all too familiar with the problems that have beset the trade over the last couple of years in particular, and the hard time that is being experienced right now. And this is where you and your amazing trade show your outstanding colours.  

The charity is taking veterans to Ypres in May. As always drivers have stood up to be counted regardless of the current dearth of work and this in itself is extraordinary.  In addition, when I know there are numerous calls on you to make a range of donations, it is marvellous that both the Mayfair Mob and the UCG have each agreed to sponsor a cab for this trip.  It is this vein of selflessness that runs through the cab trade, combined with the justifiable pride that you all have in your calling that leaves me with a sense of awe.

To the Mayfair Mob, the UCG and all the drivers I would like to express my personal gratitude.

Frances Luczyc Wyhowska

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