Sunday, March 27, 2016

Freelance Journalist, Anna Rhodes, Doesn't Read Her Own Headlines.

Anna Rhodes, freelance journalist has made quite an insulting statement this weekend in the Independent newspaper. She said: 

Let’s take a second to review the situation here -  black cab prices in London are extortionate. To take a journey from Covent Garden to Bethnal Green, you’re looking at racking up a fare of around £30 if you’re lucky (I speak from my own experience). This fare price is cut by a third when travelling in an Uber.

The reason Uber is so popular with Londoners is that it is cheap, cheerful – and safe. 

Looks like Anna doesn't read her own headlines. 

We have all seen the thousands of photos and videos of Uber crashes as their drivers take their eyes off the road to look at their phones and sat navs. Who can forget this one, where prince Harry's outrider was hit by an Uber car who pulled straight out of a side road without looking. 

Just over two weeks ago, the trade was shocked by the horrific death of a young toddler as an Uber driver ploughed into his buggy. 

Then earlier this week, just a few hundred yards from the death crash, a Chinese couple were mowed down by another Uber driver, outside the Albert Hall.

Uber Drugs? problem!

Today, I've been sent this harrowing tale from a young lady from Leeds who's friend was the victim of an attacked by another Uber driver. Read her story below.

Dear Taxi Leaks, not sure if I can post this on here so let me know if not.

Today 26/03/2016 
My friend Rachel was out on her motorbike at work (Food delivery) in Leeds City Centre She came to a motorbike parking bay next to the Merion Centre  and a Uber Taxi was parked in the bay. She asked the driver to move out of the bay as its motorbikes only. The driver got out of the car and continuously punched my friend even when on the floor covered in blood.

This is absolutely outrageous ! Is this the type of drivers Uber hire ? They already have terrible rep when it comes to been absolute menaces on the road but to attack a member of public like that is out of order. My friend is in the hospital and her nose is bust up pretty bad but The driver is now in custody thankfully. Apparently their was about 20 witnesses around the area and someone managed to record the incident. 

Please share this all over Facebook. Uber need to give answers about this ! 

Uber number 2094 reg plate AK60 FPT. 


Damian said...

Poober probably bought her after the negative story. Now she just writes happy clappy rubbish about them.

Paul said...

Chancing your arm in a dubiously insured and poorly driven vehicle with no idea of any alternatives in case of traffic, if there's no surge on this lady can save a tenner maybe!

Anna think about it please, we drive fully accessible vehicles, undertake advance driving tests and have a world class reputation, no contest really is it?