Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Lose A Little...Gain A Lot : by I'm Spartacus

A young child has sadly become victim to a fatal accident, which took place at Hyde Park Gate, at 18:10hrs last night. The 1 year old boy was being pushed by his mother in a buggy when the collision occurred.

He was immediately taken to a central London hospital by London Ambulance, where he later died at 21:50hrs.

Again people rage and ask who cares and what's going to be done?

Well if your looking to TFL to galvanise themselves, don't waste your breath, the bottom line either in licence fees or operator profits trump any moral duty to public safety.

Here's my proposal:

The use of hands free phones and data terminals to be banned in moving vehicles, to use them you must be legally parked or in our case on a rank, engine off. After all it's only what the Highway Code recommends  all distraction is dangerous.

What about the radio circuits and apps I here the cry go up, well so what, if they cared about public safety they would endorse this, I will also say if they cared about the future of the trade rather than their own short term interests they would be sitting around a table thrashing out a merger. One circuit, One App, One number.

What about your phone calls discussing the football or bedroom gymnastics with your partner(or even someone else's), they can wait until your safely parked.

What about PH in town, well that's a problem for them and if they can't park legally, they need to use a car park, after all they shouldn't be in the CC zone without a booked job (OK stop laughing now!).

So here's something to come together about, don't let me persuade you, let the thought of that little child lying in intensive care compel you.

I'm Spartacus

Editorial Update on Hyde Park Gate Incident. 
Apparently the driver of the Prius drivers most of the time for Atlas cars, but he also has the Uber app. He told LBC the last time he drove for Uber was on Sunday night and at the time of the fatal incident, he was empty and not working on Uber.

Amazingly, even with all the photographs flouting around on Twitter and other social media, the online blog news site London 24, decided to call the Prius a licensed Taxi???.


alfie cane said...

Great point I'm all for it ..

Alex W said...

Bang on, unfortunately safety is not the priority if it was things would certainly be different, but it comes pretty low on the list of priorities at TFL, after profit, self interest and agendas. A well run company would have safety at the top of their list, but not TFL, they know that people using SatNav don't concentrate on the roads as well as people that don't they even have adverts talking about it.

TFL need to be put in the dock, not just for yesterdays horrific avoidable accident, but for the many victims of accidents that have been caused by SatNav loving drivers.

Last nights accident won't be the last unfortunately, more families will have knocks on the door from the police to inform them that their loved one will not be coming home ever again.

My heart goes out to the family grieving at this time, this is unimaginable pain that takes years to come to terms with and never really leaves you, if the family ever read this, one day your sorrow and grief will turn to anger, please focus that anger on the people that allowed this to happen, whilst the driver is ultimately at fault, lack of adherence to the regulations in place to protect the public is the main reason, sue TFL, get them in the dock.