Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Belgian taxi union calls on drivers to give people rides for free in Brussels.

Following a string of deadly terrorist explosions in Brussels, scores of people have been left stranded. 

A taxi union has stepped in to try to help get everyone to safety, encouraging taxis across the city to drive people for free. 

Federation Belge des Taxis posted a message asking for drivers’ help to evacuate the affected areas.

It later added several photos of relieved customers in the back of cars and thanked the drivers for their “solidarity”.

The Belgian capital descended into chaos following the attacks at the city’s airport and on its Metro service.

A number of similar pages began to materialise afterwards, including Brussels Lift, which connected people looking for transport with drivers

Meanwhile, minicab company Uber has switched off its surge pricing system, allowing people to travel for less. 

But a number of people have reported that not a single car was available for hire in the area.

But the company was still criticised by some for failing to offer rides free of charge.

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