Thursday, February 18, 2016

Private Hire With No Hire And Reward Gets Passed By Taxi Leak's Undercover Reporter.

NSL test centre this week in Crayford. 

Whilst waiting I got chatting to an Uber driver who was waiting for his Prius to be licensed. 

Amongst other things he started chatting about all of his costs such as rental, fuel and insurance. I asked him if his insurance was expensive and he said it was only £40 a month third party!! 

I said to him that I thought he needed special minicab hire and reward insurance? 
He said oh no that was far too expensive and it was much cheaper to just get third party insurance. He informed me that lots of Uber drivers only use third party insurance. 
(I wish I had my voice recorder switched on). 
So anyway the examiner calls his car out and tells him his vehicle had passed and he was free to go with his new roundel in the front and back window. I thought how could that happen? Surely they check his insurance documents! Well apparently they only check whether insured or not for PH and not what type of insurance.

My Taxi also passed inspection and my voice recorder was ready! Attached you can hear the conversation I had with the vehicle inspector.

I have asked TFLTPH why Taxis Hire and reward insurance was checked at the NSL testing centres but not PH? The answer they gave is attached. If they are proposing that PH have it at all times like Black Cabs then surely that is an admittance that they currently do not have it. We and the Motor Insurance Bureau know that there us no such thing as on/off Hire and reward insurance so Why are NSL testing centres licencing vehicles that may not have H&R insurance. 

This is a scandal.
As stated by


Section 14. Insurance. H&R is required when it is used as a PHV.

Section 1.6   The insurance certificate should be checked by the testing stations


Anonymous said...

The whlole scandal concerning TFL/LTPH and the corruption is being totally ignored by 650 members of parliament. They couldn't give a flying fig about what TFL is doing. They obviously live in a bubble looking out at the world through rose tinted glasses. I guess they are all sh*#t scared of Flashman and Co.

Retards !

Anonymous said...

What's a fucking Joke TFL are a waste of space Jim I could not believe my ears I'm paying £1.200 a year friend of mine passed out had to pay £2.400 this scum just paying £40 a month so when someone gets killed in an uber and the insurance is void will it be TFL getting sude ? Knowing that there drivers are not propleley insured

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day tfl just want people to get around especially home at night easily so they can clear the streets they know it can't be done cheaply because of the costs involved in doing it by the book so they allow ph to bend the rules a few assaults here and there are collateral damage as far as they're conserned but they need to keep us fully regulated to cover themselves

Anonymous said...

and this is the same centre that failed a Taxi a couple of weeks ago for wrong size font on insurance certificate😡

Anonymous said...

I dont see them as a licensing authority anymore. The sad thing is the public, tfl and parliament dont care.

Anonymous said...

Talking to an uber driver who come from Bradford, told me 6 off them rented a one bedroom flat and shared three cars and worked shifts 24/7 . He told once a week they all had to go back to Bradford to get there benefits and see their families, why do we bother ?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this is happening in this country.

Anonymous said...

I'm paying 2 k a year yet another example

Daz said...

I think we as a trade should all refuse to have these credit card machines fitted in our cabs in protest to what's going on in tfl

Cathy Malone said...

As an infrequent user of any kind of cab in London, I will not consider using Uber. Black cabbies really should consider having card payment facility though. Some of us never carry cash. This is one reason I'm hesitant to hail a cab! Keep up the fight.

Anonymous said...

I have Credit card Machine and pass on Charge of 10% that charge is like any other business
why should we be different