Tuesday, February 09, 2016

United Taxi Demo Could Be The Biggest Taxi Demo Ever Seen In London...by Jim Thomas

Carpe Diem : In the Wake Of The EU Taxi Alliance Demo, Tomorrow... It's Our Turn....and this time, we are UNITED.

Many drivers complain that every time we demo, the media say it's about Uber

Well, lets get one thing straight
UBER are not the elephant in the room!
UBER are at the centre of our demise.

If we are scared to mention Uber, then we've already lost.

This demo is directed towards Downing Street, to highlight the fact that the government's no1 and no2 are heavily involved in supporting this company, at our expense.

TfL, on orders from this government have turned a blind eye to existing regulations in order to facilitate the expansion of UBER. You don't have to be a genius to work out their agenda.

We are not frightened of competition and this demo is not about fair competition 

It's about unfair completion.

Watch passionate speech from Trevor Merrells, Campaign Manager of the UCG 


In the media today :


David Cameron left the Tory Ball at the Brewery Last night and was unexpectedly greeted by a cacophony of angry taxi drivers shouting and using their horns, as a flash demo was called over social media.

The RD2 clipboard man was angry as his hoard of touts were kept at bay, as departing guests chose the licensed Taxis plying for hire outside.

Many top Tories were picked up but licensed Taxi drivers who explained in detail what is going on with the interference from Dave and George in regards to TfLs back door deregulation approach to Uber. 
Many of the departing guests were surprised at what they were hearing first hand and pledged their support for the iconic London Taxi trade.  


Anonymous said...

I will be attending tomorrow but we only need one Union that's it f all the trade orgs And the glory hunters and if the so called LTDA are spending 1 million to save our jobs why the hell is the hard working save black taxi girls working so hard to raise the money when the LTDA have it all ready have it if nothing comes out of tomorrow then I will be leaving the LTDA ASAP and I hope every cab drive dose the same as it will show that we have no power what so ever just seems we pay our money for F all I hope this will be a good turn out as this is the last stand and I think. Every driver knows it

spencer kurash said...

Uber ARE at the centre of our demise??

Anonymous said...

The problem many seem reluctant to accept is people like using Uber. Black cabs will always be seen as expensive, and to many they are.
If uber was banned tomorrow does anyone really think punters would come back? People who use Uber don't use black cabs, its a different market. How many Aldi shoppers shop in Waitrose, or vice versa..

I doubt you will publish as you like to censor to your own agenda.
You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!!!

Anonymous said...

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!


Anonymous said...

In response to the last and the first post - that's what the marketing for and how you sell the premium priced product to the consumer. For example, designer bags are expensive but females are ready to spend the money on it because it's glamorous and cool to have one. I beleive LTDA should consistently spend money on marketing campaigns (with ads on black cabs) with positive happy messages to the public (to balance our demos). The Black Cab is an icon, world famous brand. Knowledge. People with status regularly use us. Good worded campaigns twice a year will be a great support of the black cab trade as a brand.

To the editor: is it possible please to make a detailed informative post on what LTDA does and how its spendings structured. Also what sort of work it does in communicating with councils etc. to fight the illegal touts and generally lobbying the interests of the trade? I'm a Knowledge student and think it could be a useful post in clarifying things for someone like me who is new to all of this.

Anonymous said...

I find your COMMENTS contradictory, as on the one hand you ask:

Does anyone really think punters would come back?

and then you go on to say:

People who use Uber don't use black cabs, its a different market.

Alan Wicker

Anonymous said...

Phv driver.... The problem is the number of minicabs, this problem started years ago in south london where I work, data cars flooded the area with cars. They sit and wait for work at bus stops, pubs, restaurants, clubs, other cab firms, they tout work from everywhere they can, punters just want to get into a taxi/minicab they don't care if it is booked or it is a taxi or a phv. These large phv firms should be held to account, they encourage this law breaking by employing so many drivers, data cars say they have over 300 cars.If these firms can't supply the work ( at the living wage rate) then they should not be allowed to have more drivers, TFL could enforce this and could do quite easily.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:46 AM
How much do you earn ?

How much do give to your wife for housekeeping, food etc ?

I want to know about your finances and what you do with your money ?

I want to dictate to you how you spend your money. I don't belong to your family, but I demand to know !

Has the penny dropped yet ?