Monday, February 08, 2016

The Slaves I'm Spartacus.

At last a topic I am a real expert in.
Over the weekend in San Francisco, was the American football Super Bowl.

The Uber drivers there whose wages (because they aren't really self employed) are being constantly cut decided to boycott rides during the event.

The action was a huge success for them and apparently thousands deleted the app and sought real taxis, so that's a result for the real trade as well.

What was worth noting that Uber had a large space near the venue called a 'holding area' so that punters could wait for a car then book it when they got in!

For those thinking that's exactly the same as a Taxi rank, well spotted, for those who keep saying it can't happen in London


Streets around our airports, clubs, pubs, Eurostar all infested with cars demonstrating exhibition and availability (on the app, fog lights on etc) all clearly Plying for Hire as the courts have decided many many times.

TfL unwilling to act as their political masters tell them to stand back (assuming of course they wanted to act in the first place?), public enquiry needed.

Uber are already whinging for a Super Bowl type holding area at London Heathrow and no doubt the politicians will ensure they get it. Then the pattern follows for everywhere else .

So what can we do to stop this?
We have to demonstrate, we must badger our M.P's, TfL and also lobby the TfL board etc.

Above all remember these modern day slavemasters don't want a slice of the action (legally or not) they want it all!

Will you give it to them?

I'm Spartacus


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Anonymous said...

Google are trying to develop driverless cars ! We all ready have them they are Uber,If you put them all together you would still not come up with a decent driver.If they are not happy with their terms and conditions why don't they work for someone else ?