Monday, February 15, 2016

TfL warned over sexual advances among its own staff : Totally Failing London Transport.

Bosses in a Transport for London department have been forced to warn their own staff not to harass colleagues.

Senior management acted after revealing that employees had complained about colleagues engaging in “subtle forms of sexual harassment”.

The Enforcement and On-Street Operations team, thought to involve around 200 staff, has been warned by its deputy director Siwan Hayward about “unacceptable behaviour at work”.

  Garrett Emmerson and Siwan Hayward 
  with On-Street Operations Team in Mayfair.

The warning follows an internal survey which revealed that nearly 50 per cent of staff did not believe their workplace was free from discrimination, bullying and harassment.

In an email, Ms Hayward said the findings were “very troubling”.

She said: “Our staff tell us that some individuals in EOS engage in subtle forms of sexual harassment, and then hide behind the pretence that they are just being friendly, funny or flirty. 

“You are not. You are undermining your colleagues and it has to stop.”

She added: “The senior management team is united that we need to tackle all forms of harassment.

"We are clear in our stance with our passengers that any behaviour which makes women feel uncomfortable is not acceptable. Let’s apply the same principle to  each other.”

Ms Hayward said: “Nearly 50 per cent do not believe that our workplace is free from discrimination, bullying and harassment.”

Sources said that most of the cases of harassment were not reported by staff, despite the drive to encourage public transport users to do just that.

A joint operation between TfL and London’s three police forces, British Transport Police, City Police and the Met, was devised after a TfL survey revealed that 15 per cent of women and girls had experienced unwanted sexual behaviour on the network, but 90 per cent had not reported it.

In her email on Wednesday, Ms Hayward encouraged staff to make complaints, and to actively intervene.

It comes after a senior manager at TfL had been accused of bullying by 45 colleagues.  

He is understood to have left following an inquiry. (Another bullet dodger)

Speaking about today’s revelations, TfL said: “We simply will not tolerate behaviour that makes anyone feel uncomfortable.

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