Wednesday, February 03, 2016

TfL Statement : Card Payments To Be Accepted By Every Black Cab.

Travelling in one of London's iconic black cabs is about to become even easier. Today (3 February) it was confirmed that every London taxi will be required to accept card payments for their fares by October this year. The move was approved by the Board of Transport for London (TfL) following a consultation in which an overwhelming 86 per cent of respondents backed the move.

Cash has always been the standard method of payment in London's 22,500 licensed taxis but around half of all cab drivers now accept card payments. By requiring cards to be accepted in all black cabs, taking a cab will be even easier for Londoners and visitors.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson MP, said: "It's great news that with a quick swipe of a card, millions of passengers will be able to pay for their journeys in London's iconic black cabs. It's an essential part of modern life and it'll make paying for your journey swifter and simpler than ever before."

Garrett Emmerson, TfL's Chief Operating Officer for Surface Transport, said: "We believe the acceptance of card and contactless payments will be a huge plus for both taxi drivers and their passengers. Card payments are part of everyday life in London, and people use them in every aspect of their lives. The TfL network is seeing more and more contactless payments so this would bring the taxi trade into line with other transport services in the Capital. It means that customers no longer have to check whether they have cash for a journey beforehand and will open up taxis to potential new customers."

TfL has also committed to working with the card industry to link card payment devices directly to the taximeter in future. 

Today's TfL release was tweeted by the LTDA, but it looks like they haven't read it!

         Should be post scripted "at present"

Release Cont: 

Richard Koch, Head of Policy at The UK Cards Association, said: "Consumers are increasingly choosing to pay with cards as a convenient and secure alternative to cash. It's great news for Londoners, and visitors to the Capital, that they'll always have the option of using a debit or credit card in taxis now too. With one in ten card transactions now contactless, many passengers will also welcome the ability simply to touch and pay for their cab journey."

 We asked TfL this question today... as yet we've have had no reply.


Anonymous said...

Jim we are a small business what do you do to grow your business if taking card payment makes you earn more than not taking a card it's a no brainier If we want to be stuck in the past with cash only signs then so be it we will not have to accept the card but if you got no work coming your way then good luck thos who don't want to accept card you carry on move with the times

Anonymous said...

Are all PH drivers also required to accept card payments?

Editorial said...

Ive never said once we shouldn't take card payments
I'm against TfL mandating card acceptance and using only their authorised dealer equipment
Im also against us paying surcharge to third party'
It's a recipe for disaster as this policy has been rushed through by idiots with just 860 approx giving answers on a consultation that will affect 25,000 drivers.
We will be lining the pockets of third party suppliers but only those few chosen by TfL.

Also today Mike Brown stated in the commissioners report that TfL now have a partnership with MasterCard, surprise surprise.

I've taken cards for years, but on my terms
Mandating CC acceptance is not going to bring work flooding back
That's just a pipe dream

Anonymous said...

No 100% 3 or 4g coverage in London therefore no 100% acceptance by me !

Anonymous said...

Jim it's not been rushed through they where going to do this years ago when the charge was 17.5 but certain people had it blocked even when it went down to 12.5 I don't know if you work the flyer but do you know how many jobs I've seen passed back because it's cash only loads the driver can still say cash only he will not have to accept it what I think you should be looking at is the mini Knolwedge for PH driver if it dose go through a 1 TEAIR SYSTEM not good will the trade orgs start representing PH drivers more drive more money

Anonymous said...

This is not TFL it's hmrc going about it business or should I say our business!! Cameron and osbourne on overdrive on hard working Minoans while big corps with their mates in charge get away with all sorts of scams !! Be there Wednesday

Anonymous said...

So why aren't any of the orgs challenging this ???

If its a conditions of fitness requirement on vehicle that's one thing .... but forcing a self employed small business to accept credit !!!!! how can that be legal?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:33am

Because they have shit for brains.