Saturday, February 27, 2016

Taxi Leaks Statement On Post Comments.

It is with much regret that we've had to stop accepting  anonymous comments, as It's getting too much work to moderate the good from the bad, the libellous from the personal attacks. 

We were having to deal with over 150 comments daily, which come in the form of an email, which then have to be read and a decision made whether to post or delete. End result, just a handful of reasonable comments actually make it onto the blog.  It's become too time consuming. 

Over the past 10 years, we've run into quite a few drivers who seem to believe totally that even though we are just a Taxi news service, all comments carry our complete blessing. 

We've always tried to be fair and give everyone a voice. 
We've tried hard to be fair to everyone but we get criticised when we post, we get criticised when we don't. 
Fair enough, when you stick your head up, I suppose you have to be prepared to dodge a few bullets.

But recently it appears certain drivers have gone way too far over the line.

We hope our new system will stop most of the abuse, as commentators will have to have a registered Google account, which means accountability. 

For those who have difficulty opening a Google account, you can still send comments in by email to which we will endeavour to post manually on your behalf. 


Damian said...

Good idea. Can see it was a lot of work on your side. On this side it made it dificult to have a discussion as no one knew who to reply to!

Fractals said...

Good idea - it will certainly reduce clutter - but I don't think it will stop it all ... Hope so though.Keep up the good work. And have a think about Disqus.