Thursday, February 11, 2016

Sean Day Proposes A Way Forward With Two Eminent Measures


Anonymous said...

You won't get it.

Anonymous said...

The PM and the Chancellor are both in bed with the devil so to speak! When you have corruption at the highest level of the elected leadership then the only way out is to get these people out of the office!

Anonymous said...

I know to some extent the cyclists succeeded with their monthly critical mass demos and got some results , yet generally demos just piss people off and alienate potential sympathisers, I've yet to sit in the traffic and end up having sympathy for the people who ruined my day. there must be a more intelligent way; any ideas chaps?

Anonymous said...

Get em but who do you get in. Left wing Right wing there all the same mate. We need someone like George Galloway to help us out but he will never win to be the mayor. So we are left with a load of pussises.

Anonymous said...

JR is the new buzzword in this job. Everyone is throwing it around like party pizza.

Demonstrations are a great release valve, yet totally nullified under restriction.

Unity is more than flags and banners standing together on a street.

The trade has no power to negotiate with TFL and complies with every request the authorities coerce them with. There is a constant reference to France on social media channels and this blog with absolutely no intention of actually following suit. Too many sage opinions and not enough real action and importantly, thought.

Anonymous said...

Why can't we all get together every London taxi driver green or yellow and pick who we want to represent us 2 people from every org And just have the one yes one Union Who can fight our corner also when is the next demo

Anonymous said...

Meaningful representation YES; trade unionism No.

Trade unionism is something of the past and only any use to the employed. The only weapon trade unionism has in its arsenal is the withdrawal of labour (leverage).

As self employed individual traders with a 100,000 competitors waiting to fill any hole we can't cover, what possible use is a trade union when leverage cannot be gained.

We already have two of the countries largest trade unions involved in the cab trade and both of them cannot attract menbers - mainly because the vast majority of cab drivers are by nature not trade unionists; and many that have belonged couldn't stand the the dross the unions peddle and left to join a cab trade association.

If you were to pick two members from each trade org they would have to meet in the middle of Hyde Park, as their heads wouldn't fit through any door.