Friday, February 12, 2016

Repent, For the day of judgment is at I'm Spartacus.

So the absolute CoF says, and it's coming on the 17th March.

That's the date of the next TfL board meeting at City Hall, when the board should reject out of hand the LTPH PH regulation amendments. I won't go into the detail but there are many defects in the methodology that make it unfit.

What's absolutely clear, the Mayor's appointee (remember not ours folks always remember that) from the taxi trade, is Mr Bob Oddy former general secretary and current deputy GS of the LTDA.

His duty to his fellow cab drivers and members is absolutely clear, he has to act to reject this report and lobby the other members of the board to do so.

So we need to be there on foot and in the chamber, 
(Don't give them the chance to eject you) and as the famous signal at Trafalgar said 'England expects'.

Whilst your writing this in your diary, put the "All trade meeting" to be hosted by the RMT at Conway Hall 7th March at approx 6.30 in there too.

A big turnout is expected and if you have something to say or want to listen to the issues come along.

Great turnout in Westminster this week, news blackout from the 'impartial' BBC and the usual pathetic sound bites from TfL.

So see you on the 7th and 17th of next month,  for today we await the Uber executives trail verdict in France.

Let's hope they ejectez le clef.


Bon Chance.

Je suis Spartacus

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