Saturday, February 06, 2016

New Rules Set To Allow Hailing Of All Taxi Types In Belfast

The DoE will require some taxis, including public hire taxis, to display a new type of roof signage

New rules to allow people to hail all taxis in Belfast are set to come into place later this year.

Current laws only allow public hire taxis, commonly known as black taxis, to be hailed on streets in the city.

All other taxis must be booked.

But from 31 May, that will change between midnight on Friday and Saturday nights until 06:00 the next morning.

All taxis will be able to stop for passengers who have waved them down.


The rule will apply within a two-mile radius of the city centre.

Environment Minister Mark H Durkan said he was "modernising and improving" taxi regulations by making the change.


new law over the hailing of taxis will apply within a two-mile radius from Belfast city centre

"In effect, these changes will mean that people in the north will get a much better taxi service."

A spokesman for the Department of the Environment (DoE) said that the change was being made "because often demand outstrips supply".

But public hire taxi drivers are unhappy with the change.


Sean Beckett, of the Public Hire Coalition, said: "If this is just to clear the streets [of people], it's wrong.

"You must know that the clientele and the general public are getting into a legitimate taxi and not some renegade that doesn't have insurance, so on and so forth."

Alliance Party MLA Anna Lo said the move was long overdue, but added that the two-mile Belfast zone "could be confusing" for the public, and tourists in particular.

"In any big cities where taxis are an essential means of transport, people take it for granted they can hail them anywhere without having to book in advance or walk to a taxi rank," Ms Lo said.

"I hope this move will see such practice become the norm in Belfast."

The DoE is also introducing new roof signage that some taxis will be required to display, as well as a new test for taxi drivers.

Source U TV, BBC News :


Remember what Leon Daniels said on BBC news-

"There are parts of the West End and City that are heaving with people at the week ends, you can't see an orange for hire light anywhere. There's not enough Taxis at night shift at the week ends...."

It's painfully obvious the Leon doesn't get invited out much at the week end.

Last night London's West End was a disgrace. Thousands of double parked, touting Uber Prius's bought Mayfair and Soho to complete gridlock.

Marshals on 100 Wardour Street, Swallow Street and Novokovs out out calls for Taxis, a call that at times, couldn't be answered without the help of a helecopter.

Shaftesbury Ave, Piccadilly, both sides of Regent Street....complete stand still. 

Hundreds or empty buses converged at Piccadilly Circus, jumping the lights at will, causing major disruption.
The air quality in Mayfair and Soho must have been well above the legal limit just from Bus exhausts alone.


Anonymous said...

Well we all know where it's coming next London

Anonymous said...

What happens 10 minutes either side of the time limit?
What happens 10 yards outside the zone?
If PH pick up street hails they will be uninsured, do the public know that?

Unenforceable anarchy!

If PH want Taxi work get a Taxi licence.

Anonymous said...

Daniels is a prick. Before the decision to shut off streets to make Soho into a pavement cafe zone - you could access streets and service the area. Bad traffic management has created hotspots for traffic carnage. Minicab touts and drug dealers are rife in Soho now.

Daniels is a Taxi hater, his banal coments are designed to cause disharmony - Daniels is hardly dynamic, running busses is all he knows, and in the process of doing this badly, polution and traffic management are totally out of control.

Anonymous said...

Lots of Yellow Badges posted on here saying should have done this for yellow badges years ago and filled the hole there used to be late on fridays and Saturdays. Now TFL have filled it and this is coming next or the KOL gets watered down and TFL flood London with cabs. Either way Bang Bang your dead. Divided cab trade with its head in the sand soon to be extinct with only itself to blame.