Monday, February 15, 2016

Minicab driver who raped sleeping woman is jailed for 'monstrous' crime

Minicab driver who raped sleeping woman is jailed for 'monstrous' crime

A man's been sentenced to eight years in prison after being convicted of raping a Cambridge woman.

Siddiq Muzumder, 33, a TfL Licensed minicab driver, picked up the victim following a night out with friends in London at Pasha nightclub on April 26, 2014.

Cambridge Crown Court heard that at about 1am Muzumder pulled over on the hard shoulder of the M11, about 10 minutes away from her home, and raped the woman, who was either asleep or unconscious. He then dropped her off close to her home.

The victim reported the incident the following morning and investigations identified the private hire car firm that the victim had used, which led to Muzumder’s arrest.

Muzumder, of Roman Road, London, denied rape but was found guilty, by a unanimous verdict, on Tuesday November 10 (2015).

He was sentenced at Norwich Crown Court on February 8th.

This was a monstrous crime, where the private hire car driver was entrusted to deliver the young woman home. He abused this position. The victim has been very strong during the process and has co-operated with every police procedure. A key element to securing this conviction was early reporting of the crime, which enabled us to secure forensic evidence. It is this evidence that helped us secure the conviction due to the victim having no memory of the event.

Just 46 days into 2016, and so far 3 TfL licensed Minicab Drivers are jailed for rape.


Anonymous said...

Never mind the cab trade I fear for the future of this country

Anonymous said...

But it what the public want so we have been told by TFL remember

Anonymous said...

This isn't an isolated incident, it's a regular occurrence. Serious questions need to be levelled at the licensing authority as to Muzumders background:

Did he hold a current PH licence,
if so, were there any red flags during the licensing proceedure ?

How long he has been in the UK ?

What is his background ?

Does he come from a culture where rape is endemic and accepted as a form of punishment ?

Is he a naturalised British Citizen with origins in a foreign country, if so, what is his origin ?

What PH companies has he worked for ?

If he is a foreign National, will he be stripped of his entitlement and deported on completion of his sentence ?

The sheer audacity of Muzumders crime screams out he went into driving a PH vehicle with a CLEAR intent to rape. He also understood that the licensing proceedure is weak and accomodating to sexual preditors.

TFL are putting the general puplic not just at risk; they are putting the public in peril. Their licensing regimentation needs to stopped immediately, overhauled and a more rigid set of rules needs to be applied to scruitinise potential candidates for PH licence.

We have seen the staff manual, which proves TFL are negligent and complicit with issuing licenses to individuals that shouldn't qualify.

The United Trade need to organise a campaign to hold TFL and the Mayor accountable for the farce PH licensing has become.

It's time to put our machines down Whitehall again and RAM the message right up Camerons toffee nose !

Anonymous said...

Google this blokes name and put rapaist on the end. The media has 100% syndicated the story as him being a Taxi driver.

It's what the public want. According to the article, he dropped the victim close to where she lived.

Did she pay him ?
Or did he rob her as well ?

You bet your life he did!

Anonymous said...

These rapists and their vile culture are laughing at the system because there is no real deterrent. I like the idea of stripping Nationalised Citizens of their privilege to remain in the UK, but no doubt the do gooders would fight this idea on humanitarian grounds in the European courts if need be. Meanwhile the Government, Mayor and TFL keep their heads buried firmly up their jacksies. Disgraceful!

Anonymous said...

There should be a government warning a lot of these-mini cab poo ber. drivers from Third World ,,,,War torn backward religious country's , these drivers are unable to have proper criminal checks and have no records and we don't Know who they are and your wife daughter or sister is risking rape and violence for a cheap ride home , WE NEED TO BE WARNED THE DANGERS !! !

Acnedriver said...

It should be remembered 9 out of 10 actual attacks go unreported. The figures shown here are the 'Tip of the Iceberg'


Anonymous said...

NO, full & complete CRB, or whatever they call it these days

NO, Licence

this will remove 90% of PH driver's, at a stroke

Alan Wicker

Anonymous said...

The public, especially women, should be educated properly on the dangers of getting in mini cabs. I always ask my passengers how much are they worth to their family and friends, then I answer for them NY saying priceless. At the very moment something untoward happened to them, their loved ones would pay thousands for them not to be in that situation, yet they're trying to save a tenner. It's mind boggling how much beer in brains out, goes on in London,or even across the country for that matter. More stringent checks on drivers need to be made,that's for certain, but at the same time, educating the public needs to be a priority.They could start by telling passengers to take a photo of the number plate and the identifier of the vehicle they're getting into and send it to a friend or family member. If the driver is legit and doing his job properly, he won't mind at all. If he kicks up a fuss, then don't get in. A simple thing that could save lives and stop crime.

Anonymous said...

As an additional to my above comment,I winder how many touts and wronguns would disappear if they were being photographed by potential victims..oops I mean passengers.
It's time to educate your loved ones and anyone else who might put themselves in danger by getting in the wrong vehicle.
Ltda,rmt,or any of the trade orgs, should be handing out leaflets promoting my idea, to the public at stations etc. We stand more chance of getting the work back this way, because whinging about user just sounds like sour grapes to most people.
We need to prove how much better we are,not just spout "we're the best in the world" with no evidence.