Wednesday, February 17, 2016

LTDA's Pledge of £50,000 Puts New Life Into The #ActionforCabbies Fund.

And now the games back on...

We are running out of time but today's boost from the LTDA has put us back in the game

Now it's totally up to you.

Approx 5,000 Taxi drivers on Twitter. £25 each would be another £125,000

14718 members on the Save The Black Taxi FaceBook Group...£25 each would raise another £367,950

Surely we've all got friends and family willing to help save our jobs, just waiting to be asked. 

Then there are the Taxi garages we use to rent, buy, service our cabs....put pressure on these, after all we would be saving their businesses too.

Let's not forget the third parties who earn a living off our trade, the Credit Card companies who are expecting a windfall from taking part of our takings, insurance companies who have been raising premiums for years. These third parties should all be making sizeable contributions.

The LTDA have pledged £50,000 to the judicial review fund. 

Another £25 from each and every one of you, could secure the future of your job.

Sitting on the fence will just secure splinters in your bum.

Please pledge now and the money won't leave your account till the 14th March.


Apathy is no longer an option we need to act and to act now. Even if you've already pledged, please think about pledging again.

So far TfL have used refusal to enforce the law against us, now it's our turn to use the legal system against them.

Let's get TfL in court once and for all and save our trade.


Anonymous said...

What's the breakdown of costs and why does it cost £600,000 to take TFL to court ?

Anonymous said...

Not really impressive. They should put more in, as they have way more in the coffers, and to be blunt with out the cab trade their coffers would be extremely thin there for pay up the remaining £400k+

Anonymous said...

The ltda and all the other organisations may as well throw their lot in as this is the last chance to try and turn the tables none of those leeches that survive off our backs will put a penny in so don't rely on them

AndyMac said...

There's no pleasing some people .. !

Editorial said...

Please can we try to remain un-tribal about this.
Every penny collected is important no matter from what direction it comes.

This isn't about the colour of your lanyard
But the value you put on the badge that hangs from it.

Anonymous said...

Y cannot people just pay £20 plus what's the big deal. Maybe putting poster up to at cafes station etc. We do when there a demo. I am sure people will pay just need them to know how.

Anonymous said...

The question as to why it costs £600,000 to take TFL to court still remains unanswered. I'm not intersted in squabbling, i just want to know why it costs so much for the average man to find justice ?

HannahSmiles said...

With regards to the costs, have you seen #Savetaxi FB page for a full explanation? Or contacted Artemis on FB? There are no secrets and the #Savetaxi Team wish to show transparency. It would take far too long to explain fully on here why the costs are what they are.

And why knock LTDA now? They've pledged £50,000 which is a massive gesture? Everyone should be pulling together, trying to get as many people, organisations, unions, garages or anyone involved in the taxi trade to pledge!

#Savetaxi FB page and Twitter Feed have between them almost 20,000 followers and we know there are others like Support Black Taxis, Taxi PR etc who also have many followers so it's clear that lots of cabbies and their families are uniting and want to fight this together.

While we're all aware it's really tough out there and that the trade's been badly let down many times, let's all try to be positive that together, we can do something big!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if we will see LTC and merc put up some money ,just the value of 3 vehicles each would add up to about 250000 not a lot to secure future sales,hold on did you see that pig flying over there!

Anonymous said...

On paper this sounded like an achievable target, every driver donates £25 and hey presto!!... In reality you are seeing before your eyes the percentage of drivers that actually do something and the I'm alright jacks that do sweet fa. The last demo was probably considered a success in some respects but still only had a third of drivers attending at best.
As good as this site is for keeping you informed with what's going on, probably half of drivers have never even been on here, and are completely oblivious to anything trade related.
A fellow driver came up to my cab at a rank recently and I commented about an article in Taxi..."Don't read it he said, never have in 15 years, stuff all that!"…..Fantastic I thought!!!!!!