Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Open Letter To Taxi Leaks : Worldwide Problem....Uber Openly Touting At International Airport

 Letter to Taxi Leaks from Ali Razak of the Philadelphia Limousine Association

Today at Philadelphia International Airport  we tried to convey the message to the Lyft and UberX drivers, that it's a crime to solicitate people at airport. 

I hope soon Philadelphia Police Airport Unit will get trained to stop this type of solicitation and we can go back to peacefully earning an honest living. 

We caught a few drivers today openly soliciting passengers. They tried to tell us that as far as they knew, they weren't doing anything wrong as their respective companies haven't given them notice to stop this practise.

Uber Philly and Lyft, you are endangering the public safety by putting them in unregulated cars. 
You are teaching your drivers to steal.

Where is the media PhillyVoiceNBC10, PhiladelphiaFOX 296, ABC, to show the world that these Uber and Lyft drivers are breaking the law.  

Here is a compilation of videos recorded today by the drivers:



Anonymous said...

We flew into JFK a few days before Christmas and were touted by four Uber drivers before we could even get to the official Taxi dispatch. Seems they're just as scummy and criminal on both sides of the pond.

Anonymous said...

Yes, like a cloud of locusts Uber brings devastation to wherever is goes.

So if there were a national prostitution app here in the UK, would it make the solicitation law redundant ? Would a blind eye be turned if Google and Goldman Sachs funded it and valued the company worldwide at £40 billion ?

You could call it Uber Skank, just think about it, it would kill off street prostition and red light districts overnight. And it wouldn't be illegal as it's an internet technology company.

You could have a dashboard like the Uber platform where the punter and brass could rate each other.

There isn't much difference to Uber and Uber Skank, they're both sleazy opertunist concepts that exploit. However, the legality of both concepts are the same. ILLEGAL under British Law.

Anonymous said...

What I can't understand theses investors are paying for this ripest non checked drivers If a sportsman did something worng he would be dropped by he's the company not the Goldman Sachs the googles and all the rest of them it's like we live on a different planet

Anthony G said...

anon 5:23am - maybe we should find out what uber are offering their investors - we need to see their PROSPECTUS - if we could get hold of this, then we would see their long-term game plan

the game-plan, that is making them so attractive to their worldwide investors