Monday, February 22, 2016

"DON'T JUST DEMO...DONATE ASWELL"..Lets Get TfL Into Jim Thomas

The STaN agenda gave London the concept of licence variation 'Satellite office'. Along with this, came a cloak of respectability thrown over the clipboard Johnny and the illegal ranks of touting minicabs.

It didn't take long before the rule book went out the window and open touting became the norm at most night venues. 

Licenses were sold off like sweets to anyone with the necessary fist full of dollars. 

Licensed by TfL, the general public believed the lines of cars outside clubs and bars were legitimate, after all, even the press were referring to them as they must be legal. The legitimate licensed Taxi trade started to see a massive decline in night work. 

The Met officer in charge of the TOCU squad Joe Royal, took one look at the legislation and said this is completely unenforceable and promptly resigned. 
Not long after Joe's departure, the TOCU squad were disbanded. 

Most night men carried on regardless, driving round with their head in the sand, hoping for the odd raised hand. 

A couple of dozen militant drivers stepped forward shouting, "Enough's Enough" and took on the touts at their own game, by ranking in front of, or beside the cars... and work was eventually clawed back.
It wasn't hard at first as night passengers had become fed up with being ripped off by exorbitant prices, charge by the touts. The subject of touting became elevated in the trade media.
We just turned up and formed ranks....we were taking the work back, it was easy!

The invent of the smart phone, saw drivers using social media apps like Twitter and FaceBook which the group utilised as a better way to communicate. They even gave themselves the name, the Twitter Action Group (TaG). With the trade reenergised, the TaG hit squad encouraged night-men to start reusing ranks. And it was easy

Last January, the work dried up as a result of 700 new PH licenses being issued every week.

But, ever resourceful, drivers stepped up to the mark and the Mayfair Mobs was born.  This new group had amazing success reclaiming ranks and getting new ones implemented. 

The trade seemed to be struggling like never before, drivers drastically changed their modus operandi, ranking becoming their new cornerstone .... it was still easy, but getting harder.

Towards the end of the year, easy stopped....Work levels were down to an all time low.
It's sole destroying sitting on a rank outside a restaurant to see customers exit, phone in hand, waiting in the wind and rain for a car to pull up. These people, having spent a small fortune on dinner, were now deserting the trade big time, looking to save £5 off a ride home.

Surge pricing, accounts hacked, ridiculously round about routs, an increase in sexual attack on females and now mass murder by Uber's drivers are not impacting on their business model. 

Our trade has been seriously damaged to a point where carrying on regardless, is no longer an option. 

As long ago as 2013, Taxi Leaks warned "Men are coming to kill us".
In 2015 we shouted from the rooftops, "Men are here killing us".

Now in the last chance saloon, we only have one final option before we are killed off completely...but so far, only 2,710 have pledged and put their money were their mouths are.

Unless this trade takes TfL to court, we will soon be an ex-trade like the miners, the printers, the steel workers the dockers.
Killed off by complacency and apathy

The solution has been handed to you on a plate. And again, it's not hard...ITS EASY.

You don't have to do the hard work, 
All you need to do is put your hand in your pocket and come up with £25 a head.
But time is running out fast.

The Government, TfL and Uber are laughing at us. They believe we are too stupid to save our future, they truely believe the campaign is doomed to failure and they're laughing. 

Let's wipe the smug smiles off their faces. 

We are two thirds of the way through time allotted and have only raised one third of what's needed. 

No more thinking about this, it's time to act.

10,000 Taxis in Whitehall had no impact, no media coverage. This Wednesday, instead of giving up your afternoon work, 10,000 Taxis should donate £40 each....result = TfL in court. 
Now that's an impact!
What could be simpler?

Our future, our livelihood is solely in our hands and we no longer have the luxury of time.
Pledge your support now, don't put it off any longer and let's get TfL in court to answer for what they've done to our trade, our livelihood.




Anonymous said...

I donated as soon as I could and the vast majority of people that visit Taxi Leaks web site will have donated as well but the mugs with their heads in the sand that don't demo or think everything will end up ok are the danger.Why don't LTDA top the funds up to the required amount? If there is no job they will get no subs!

Anonymous said...

TFL in court! On what charge, don't be stupid, TFL do what they like, so far they have made no changes to the knowledge, but they can if they want, and with hundreds leaving the trade every month, a quickie knowledge is just around the corner. There are thousands of would be black cab drivers prepared to work for as little as £6 an hour! So the black cab will not disappear and nor will the garages, meter company's, card machine suppliers ect, all that will change is the currant crop of drivers will be replaced by cheap labour. I don't know what the answer is.

Anonymous said...

Ice already pledged to the Save Taxi fighting fund and I implore others to do the same, but why would you advocate calling off the demos?

The demos have raised our concerns in the media and publics eyes, not to the extent the last one should have done but giving up after one demo is doing exactly what TfL and the government want us to do, why do you think the police have gone out of their way to stop any future demos? The government are seriously worried and have demanded the police crack down on us, that tells me they're worried!

Just out of interest, what do we do if we don't raise the £600k?

The time to fight for our jobs is now, not once the TfL board have ratified what little the consultation produced!

Anonymous said...

As Bob Geldof said "GIVE US YOUR "F *CKIN " MONEY . Are last chance we'll done to all who have done there Duty .

Anonymous said...

Jim I'm somewhat confused I've been a member of the LTDA for 4 years now and it says there spending a million pounds to save our jobs but don't seem to see much action from my Union I did call them but I could not get a straight answer So I've now cancelled my me membership we have been let down by the so called trade orgs

Anonymous said...

Yeah Jim, what do we do if we don't raise the 600 large?

Anonymous said...

I've pledged. However regarding demo's. It is true they are useless because they can be ignored. Round Parliament Sq for an hour in the afternoon while everyone's at work. Whose bothered about this - no one - not newsworthy either. French have a bonfire on the motorway and get a meeting with the PM the following day. We need 2 demos every Thursday. Put as many cabs as possible between Hogarth roundabout and the Hammersmith gyratory. One in the morning 7:30 to 8:30 and one in the evening 5:30 to 6:30. So day drivers do the morning and the night shift does the evening. This would back up the M4, M3, A4 and the M25. Utter carnage that could not be ignored. Public liking us - who cares we are dying out here. And you need to do everything on all fronts - court action - demo's and fill in every consultation paper that TFL pumps out objecting to absolutely anything they try to do. We need to Fuck them on all fronts or we are history.

Anonymous said...

8,000 plus at a demo but only 2710 have donated? Disgusting

Anonymous said...

there are TRADE ACCOUNTANTS who claim to have 1,000's of cab driver clients - if they donate £10 from their enormous fees from each client, this should add at least another £100,000 to the kitty

Anonymous said...

We need to let the drivers with their heads in the sand know about pledging money,some of them do not have computers or tablets.we need a phone number to make things easy for them and we need to do it quickly,flyers may work.a judicial review is not just a court case it is to look into a government body to make sure they are doing things legally without bias,reasonably,using the correct procedure if it affects you or a group of people.check it out on Wikipedia its own masters have already deemed them not fit for purpose I think that is a good start.fight on

Anonymous said...

Try asking fleet owners insurance companies meter company's radio circuits parts manufacturers advertising companies accounts metro makers geely garages hailo gett taxi apathetic drivers ltda spend more of the one million pound fighting fund you keepboasting about and any others who have been living off of us, fight on

C Bacon said...

£50.00 donated from myself & wife although I'm not confident enough drivers can' see past the next pound note .we must fight at every opportunity that includes demos , court action and lots of positive ad campaigns that ram home the gold standard service we provide .If we can get a bloody mayor elected I'm sure we can take these two faced government backed crooks on .Come on Londons finest £25 each

Anonymous said...

As has been said .... where has the LTDAs million been or being spent ??

OK they pledged 50 Large but to me it was an amount that was enough to make the slaggers off tgo quiet BUT not enough to get TFL to court

Deliberate you decide

Anonymous said...

Even if we get TFL in to court nothing will change save your money just say we get the 600 large what happens when it runs out a demo again to make drivers aware as I've said before and no one has picked up on ph Knolwedge test next year do the research has a certain Knolwedge of London excmner been drafting up runs .for the PH CREW ...?.?.??

Anonymous said...

Dead in the water. Look how many have donated. Was worth a crack, but you now see that getting 25,000 self employed workers singing from the same page or supporting each other is never going to happen. And as for the public support, what public support? They don't care, if they did we would be busier than ever and uber would have left through lack of business. Sometimes you have to accept when things are over..its over as a job it once was..never to return.