Thursday, February 25, 2016

Iconic Taxi Maker Geely, To Enter The Ride On Demand Market In Competition To Uber.

London Taxi maker Geely, has decided they won't be pledging financial assistance, in the London Taxi trades fight. This move has upset many cabbies and there is a call on social media for a boycott on new Taxis.

You may be wondering why Geely, the maker of London's iconic Taxi Cabs, have decided to pass on the opertunity of making a pledge to the Actiob for Cabbies fund to take TfL to court??

You may also be wondering why this company has invested heavily in a plant capable of producing 30,000 vehicles a year, after falling sales.

With just a little digging on line, we found that Geely has plans for its own app (Caocao), to join the scramble for on-demand hailing services. At present they'e set to launch their new Ride-Hailing app nation wide in China

The Hangzhou-based company, which owns formerly Swedish carmaker Volvo, has set up a new firm to develop further the ride-hailing app they have currently on trial in the eastern Chinese city of Ningbo. The trial will soon expand to include Shanghai, Hangzhou and Kunming.

Unlike competitors Uber (which use private cars) Geely is planning a fleet of its own vehicles. 

There are everal similar companies building their own fleets to circumnavigate regulatory uncertainties in the use of private cars.

Geely appears to be aiming at the high-end of the smartphone on-demand market in first and second tier cities, seeing the service as a channel for potential consumers to get to know its new range of vehicles.

 The company is the country's eighth largest domestic carmaker in terms of sales last year, according to China Association of Automobile Manufacturers.

They also plan to increase their current car fleet, consisting only of Geely sedans and Volvos, to 150,000 vehicles, nearly one third of its annual production. 

Geely also produces an electric vehicle and currently their fleet has 20,000 of this type of vehicle.

Could Geely be looking to produce their electric PH vehicles at its Coventry plant, looking towards the massive 98,000 Private hire market in London?

Drivers on social media are currently changing their avatar to the campaign to boycott the London Taxi Company below. 


Anonymous said...

So there it is, we will all be on wages, set hours, company car, and a fu*king uniform, happy days

Anonymous said...

Surprise surprise.