Friday, February 26, 2016

An All Too Common Sight : Even Police Aren't Safe From Uber's SatNav Jockeys.

        Clapham Common Around Midnight.
Fireman cutting the driver out of the Prius after he'd hit the traffic lights.

I had put a caveat on posting photographs of Uber drivers / vehicles involved in accidents.

In fact, when I'd reached over 1000 in less than a year, they became merely a repeat of a theme. 

I still witness accidents daily, but they have become so pedestrian that I don't even mention them. 

Yesterday was an exception. In the space of just 6 hours there were 3 collisions involving motorcycles, one of them being an unsuspecting traffic policeman.

Sean Paul Day.


colin said...

Come on Jim we all know its what london wants??

A couple of thursday's ago i was at my son in laws commendation at the yard,well this chap came in & gave a speech from Tfl,to say what a load of bollock's sums it up,listening to this C--T MADE ME FEEL SICK,i was shaking my head for my daughter (also plod)to say this is not the place dad,but everything in the garden is rosy...well that's how Tfl see it,& then i see a tweet from a driver tonight who picked up Hendy saying i don't think you have a rosy future,the only thing to smile about now is watching the Tory's fall

Damian said...

When oh when oh when are they going to wake up to the level of carnage they have unleashed on these once great streets!