Sunday, February 07, 2016

As Predicted...Media Attack Greedy Taxi Drivers Over Extra 20p Drop.

Well it didn't take the press long to take the story that every London Taxi will have to accept Credit Card payments, and turn it in to a barrage of negativity against the greedy London cabbies. 

Apparently it's an attempt to win back customers, BUT AT A HIGHER PRICE. As we predicted the fact that cash customers will also be charged the extortionate 20 pence extra on flag fall makes us second only to Dick Turpin in the annals of highway robbery. 

The story below (minus the blatant Uber advert) featured in The Memo, shows a picture of the antiquated long gone FX4 to illustrate how outdated the Taxi trade is.

We can expect much more of this type of gutter journalism in the coming weeks, putting an emphasis on the 20p extra flag drop and a proposed 1.6% rate increase. 

  • There will be no mention of the missing hour as rate 3 drops back to rate 1 at 5am instead of 6.
  • There will be no mention of the reduction in waiting time or the tweaking of rate 4 which will actually see more of a rate drop on most journeys.
  • There will be no mention that drivers will be expected to pick up the transaction fee of customers wanting credit, as the payment surcharge moves from customer to driver.

        THE Oliver Smith.

Black cabs offer card payments, but with a nasty sting

You win some, you lose some.

Every black cab in London will accept card payments from October… but their prices will rise to pay for it.

Transport for London’s (TfL) decision to force all cabbies to take card or contactless payments is a sure sign of progress, but it comes with an unfortunate downside for all passengers.
Black cabs will now hike their minimum prices by 20p to £2.60, regardless of how you pay.

Street fight

This is the latest round in black cabbies street fight against Uber.

Last week cabbies revealed they’re considering legal action to have Uber’s licence to operate in London revoked over the app allegedly not paying its UK taxes. (See Oliver Smith couldn't be bothered to do his research on this so made something up. Still never let the truth get in the way of a good story eh Oliver!)

Adopting environmentally-friendly electric vehicles and now card payments are also part of black cab’s charm offensive to win back passengers.

Steve McNamara, general secretary of the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association, labelled the decision by TfL to force cabbies to accept card payments is a win-win for drivers and customers:

“Most taxi drivers already accept card payments, but from October our customers can be certain that when they hail a cab, they are not only getting a safe, reliable and professional service, but will also be able to pay how they like, be it card, contactless or cash.”

We’ll have to wait and see whether card payments (but with higher prices!) will be enough to tempt commuters back into a cab.


Charlie Levy said...

as usual the media have got it wrong why do you always paint the cabdrivers as the villians they do not set their fares it is TFL that dictates to the taxi trade what it can and cannot do

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If time was taken to research his facts, this gutter journalist would realise that the black cab industry does not have a problem with Uber, it is with TFL,s lack of law enforcement. Unfortunately as long as the paymasters (Uber by way of lobbying) control the press, they will ALWAYS twist their stories. By law, PHV companies are required to ONLY TAKE PREBOOKINGS yet Uber refuse to do this. Any idiot, apart from TFL can see the only other option is immediate hire, which PHV are not allowed to do.
Our London press is as dodgy as this government. As this is a criticism of a press 'story' no doubt it will never see the light of day. One thing is for sure, these stories will come back to haunt their authors

Anonymous said...

I have my eye on a Villa on the Ibiza with all the extra 20p's I'm gonna take. What utter tosh. Unions should be straight into this muppet and sue for slander. Forced apology and it explained that TFL impose this nonsense on us. Will they do it no because they are useless. Me - sold me house - downsized - cleared the mortgage because we are in for a rough ride. Long term - new job. We're done.

Anonymous said...

Tfl being clever again making it look like we are creaming off the top when actually we are subsidising card payers with the associated fees. Another blow to the trade compliments of tfl.

Anonymous said...

Then surely it's up to us to put the story straight! We need to stop moaning and get the real story out there! TFL have set these rates - let's get out there and let the public know!

Anonymous said...

The demo this week will be our last, I cant say to much for obvious reasons, but im sure you all know what to do. We are drinking in the last chance saloon.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:33PM

Here's to you Walter 🍺

Anonymous said...

Well lads looks like we're F..... Them snides at TFL have done for us We should have kicked up more of a fuss when uber first come on the scene but as usual no unity drivers taking the drive ins as an opportunity to take a little extra Well boys hope you took enough extra to tide you over when you can't make cabbing pay
Be Lucky We are gonna need some

Anonymous said...

Terrific piece James
Should be syndicated to all trade media.
Saw your latest offering in the Taxi Globe and Call sign.
This is another story they should be using.

Anonymous said...

I spoke to M's Chapman the other week and made it clear to her that the extra 20p on the flag will cost us more punters than gain and that it is unfair to make cash customers pay for the card users. Practically word for word, she said exactly what McNamara is quoted in the article. Any price rise has always put people off getting in and this one will be more so. I read above that there's a demo in the offing, will it be the one hour tfl dictated type as usual ? Or has the trade finally got some minerals and it will be one that makes the powers that be take notice?
My guess is that if the orgs are involved it will be the usual subservient damp Squibb designed to keep their leaders in line for a seat at the trough.