Monday, February 01, 2016

PH Regs Review And The LTDA, Who's Side Are They On? Gerald Coba

An email from the LTDA to its members, followed by an article in an online business blog!!!

And now in the words of reggae's Johnny Nash
"There are more questions than answers".

Towards the end of the consultation period relating to the new Private Hire regulations, the LTDA sent all members a detailed email, explaining how they should respond.

It contained this passage regarding a preposed 5 minute wait between an operator receiving a booking and the driver arriving at the pick up.

See image:

After TfL's update on the PH regulation review was announced last week, LTDA members recieved an email containing this paragraph:

Private Hire Regulations Review 

You will probably be aware that Transport for London (TfL) announced the results and their intentions following the Private Hire Vehicles Consultation. Unfortunately they have decided not to implement several of the proposals that would have gone a long way to bringing Uber and other minicab app based services within the regulatory framework. However some of the proposals that they will be proceeding with, including the decision to make minicabs pay the congestion charge and scrapping minicab satellite offices, are to be welcomed. I have attached a full breakdown of all the proposals and TfL's decisions to this email.


Then this article below authored by TfL's fall guy Garret Emmerson, appears on the CityAM blog
Read the whole article here:

This is the paragraph from Emmerson's article we find most interesting, it states:
On the so-called ‘five minute rule’ there were always strong arguments for and against. In the consultation responses, major stakeholders - almost universally - said they didn’t support the proposal. This included everybody from major private hire companies to businesses, from politicians to consumer and community groups to even the LTDA – the largest of the taxi driver associations.

This statement goes directly against the message the LTDA had previously pervaded to their subscribers in the email detailing how they should respond. Also, no mention was made in the follow up email appertaining to the LTDA's change of direction.

If Emmerson's statement is factual, it would appear that LTDA backed down again, in the face of TfL's continued support for Uber to be allowed to circumnavigate current legislation.

Questions needing answers:

• Is Emmerson telling the truth???

• Did the LTDA executive and COM consult with any of their membership on policy change, before going directly against the advice previously given to their members?

• Why did the LTDA feel it necessary to omit their policy change from the follow up email sent to the membership?

Nationwide Support As Demo Goes National.
It hasn't gone unnoticed, the so far, the London taxi trades biggest trade body, the LTDA, have shown no support for next Wednesday's protest.

The good news is the demo's going national. Organisers have been promised support from other cities and we could see many taxis in Whitehall from all over the UK.  

Great name for the Demo;

TfL's Contempt In a The Face Of Intended Fare Increase And Fitted Terminals:

Last week, one of our colleagues was present at a meeting with TFL. Helen chapman was present and it was explained how customers will blame driver for fare increase, that tfl need to release a press statement stating the reasons for increase, because this will put passengers off from using us and that tfl are playing with people's futures. 

It is alleged by our colleague the Chapman actually laughed at the thought of our demise and after protests from those present, had to apologise.

Interestingly, she stated that if any driver is reported for having a sock or bag over the terminal TfL intend to mandate fitted in back, compliance will put a stop on the cab. 

She made it clear that this will be a priority for enforcement.


Dr Kildare said...

How slow are.people on the uptake, the LTDA just sugarcoat TfL's bitter pill, it seem though this time one has been thrown up.
McNamara needs to explain fast:

Anonymous said...

The LTDA must have some really thick members paying £16.80 each month just. To get stabbed in the back by the people who are ment to support them and I can tell you now they only have just over 3000 members not the 10.000 as stayted what I want to know is what mr sod all oddy dose on the board is he the shoe shine boy for the excaminers or a tea boy because he's not doing a great deal for out trade still only another 11 months and the members will get a new lanyard and diary oh and a pic of oddy in he's speedos laying next to McNamara

Anonymous said...

"Who's side are they". Not ours, that's for sure!

we simply need to be over seen by our own elected taxi regulator 7 be freed of this lump of useless lard called TFL. the whole lot of them should be arrested, thrown in jail for numerous offences against the public 7 business's.