Saturday, January 02, 2016

Uber To Trial New Unlicensed Service...Uber Jack from Mons

Uber are hoping to get round TfL's ban on Uber Pop, by calling it by another name, "Uber commute".

Any motorist will be able to become an Uber driver on their daily commute or just a trip to the shops, with the simple touch of a button on their phone, according to the company's chief adviser.

David Plouffe said the aim was to make The controversial ride sharing app, which is locked in a perpetual battle with Black Taxis, accessible to private drivers by allowing them to use its technology to ferry about strangers, whenever it was convenient.

Our goal is eventually you don't even think about becoming an Uber driver, you say I'm going to do this when I'm running errands or running to the airport, I'll just make a little bit of money," he said. 

"Think about that. I'm not an Uber driver per-say, but on those ten times a week when I'm driving to work I'll press the button on my phone and if there's someone in my neighbourhood I'll take them in. 

"It won't work the same in terms of price, it'll be less expensive, but we think that's a huge potential benefit."

Plouffe rejected criticism, voiced by London Mayor Boris Johnson among others, that services such as Uber increased congestion and insisted that the company was "filling a void" between the desire to travel and modern technology. 

Unlicensed cars, unlicensed drivers!
No need for a PHV licence, no need for car to get PH roundels, no need for two MoTs and no need for costly hire and reward insurance.

Have Uber Gone Too Far This Time...Will TfL Have The Backbone To Stop Them?

Most Uber drivers earn do little they have to tout to make a living. Most common form of touting is to wait in central London streets with fog lights on. Passengers have been told to wave their phones at car with fog lights on and driver will let them in.

What the public haven't been told are the risks of using an unrecorded car service.

So, the public want to be able to flag down an uber, with unchecked, untrained drivers. 
Journeys will be uninsured and unrecorded, so should anything happen, untraceable!

We are told that the public want cheap, but do they really want cheap at any price? 

This is how easy it is to come unstuck. 


Have Uber Shot Themselves In The Foot, Over NYE Record Price Surge?

Reports have come in to Taxi Leaks that over the New Year's evening, Uber passengers were deleting the app in their thousands as it surged to record heights of 6.9 times the normal fare. 

The good news is thousands of customers went on to download and used the Black Taxi Hailo app. 

Nigel Farage attacks Uber drivers on LBC –



Anonymous said...

TFL are S### scared of upsetting Ubend,They are bully's and will not put themselves in a situation where they might end up in court case.They move the goal posts to accomadate Ubend everytime ,How people can say that they are cheap when the Satnav jockeys do not have a clue where they are going and price surge is a joke.Nothing will be done until there is a death.TFL= Gutless.

paul bond said...

the system is good and proper bent simple

paul bond said...

uber have tfl in there pocket

Barrack Room Lawyer said...

The trade was told in 2010 that TFL were corrupt - but everyone was too busy being taken for a ride by Mason, Chapman and Johnson. Can't believe who's complaining on here... Some people have short memories and no shame!!!

colin said...

Picked up a chap that was involved with the Tube wi-fi project a couple of years ago,he told me palms had to be greased to get the work.